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Weight Watchers- Video Review Online Vs. Meetings


Weight Watchers Online

  • I actually worked the program in the traditional way with going into weekly meetings.
  • I tracked using both my phone the app and using the online tools.
  • On the phone using the Weight Watchers website when I was in a place where that was most convenient.
  • I also used my journal to track my food, as well as I took advantage of the notes pages just to jot down thoughts and feelings at random points.
  • Whatever I needed to do to keep myself on track, so I went to meetings almost every week and meetings are about 30 minutes.
  • I would get there maybe 20 minutes beforehand and and do my shopping.
Video Transcript

okay hey y'all its Michelle and I'm sandy I'm so for anyone that has been watching our channel for a while now you know that I have been doing Weight Watchers and I post almost weekly videos just updating you all on my progress but what you haven't known is that my sister has also been doing the program we've been working the program a little bit differently so what we wanted to do is come here and just tell you all about our experiences and do tell you all about our results over six months because we have each just reached our six-month point so I started the program on November 13th and as of the last time I went into way which has actually been over a week I was at 27 pounds and I started the program on November 14 so today is actually my six-month anniversary and I have lost 25 pounds exactly so what we did differently. By any Weight Watchers snacks and treats that I wanted and then sit and we had like a little you know people just kind of mingle until the leader started the session and it was just I what I enjoyed about that was being able to hear the experiences of other people and also get ideas for different foods to eat that's where I learned about the halo ice cream I learned about cauliflower rice in the meetings and it was also just a great source of support just being in a room of you know people that you get to know week by week and you know know what they're going through just in their life and different events that they had coming up and then coming back the next week to see you know how they did and just get the encouragement from the leader and also getting like the weekly handouts the pamphlets just with different things to stay on program keep you on target and keep you motivated so that's what I really liked about going into the center and doing the program what I did not like about it was really just one thing and that's the cost for me here in my state in North Carolina doing the full program using the online tools and the meeting it's about 43 44 per month until you reach lifetime and then when you reach lifetime that it's you don't have to pay as long as you go in once a month and stay within 2 pounds of your goal one of the advantages back to the advantages is doing the program in the traditional way you do get to reach that lifetime goal and not have to pay and continue on the program for life so that's pretty much my summary of how I worked the program and I did the virtual program so I did everything online I never went to a meeting I signed up online I use the app that they have where you can track all of your food you can search for restaurants you can search for recipes you can actually talk to people if you want to do that I actually did not do that but they do through the app have a support line for you if you need that the reason that I made the decision to do everything virtually is because Weight Watchers is really a change of life lifestyle and so I needed it to have and the most minimal impact on my life as possible because that way I knew I could be consistent and so for me to say that I will commit to going to a meeting every week and that would have been hard for me to do my level of commitment wasn't there to do that plus II great so I did everything online and it actually worked for me because having the app it reminds you every day like if you forget to track a meal or something you'll get an alert that will pop up and say hey you didn't track breakfast or whatever yeah it'll do that I don't get the alert often because one of the ways that I've stayed on the program and been consistent with it is that when I wake up in the morning I actually plan out everything that I'm going to eat for the day which is takes a lot of discipline it really does so I would look at okay this is what I'm going to have for breakfast there's so many points and figure out lunch and dinner whatever that would be down to the bedtime snack because I've got thirty points a day and so if I didn't do that and you didn't think about it you could blow your points along what's for the day in the early morning and not be able to eat after noon so that was important for me to be able to do that but my point was that you know the app keeps you honest in that you must track three meals a day or it will give you a reminder the online program is also half of the cost of the going into the the meetings the traditional membership and I will preface this by saying when I joined it was a benefit through my job also when I joined there so my pricing might be a little different just based on that so I will say if you have a health and wellness program through your job you might want to check that because that was something I really didn't even know that we that I had that benefit so I found that out and I was a to benefit from that what else I never used the support line that they have through the app but I did watch my sister's videos every week where she talked about her meeting so I had the benefit of learning about some of the snacks low freq low calorie snacks and things like that that you could eat so that was very helpful um another thing that I did is worked out I would go to the gym on a regular basis and do some weights some strength training and some cardio not consistently and not for the whole six months but you know for the most part I was pretty consistent with with going at least a couple times a week and doing that to kind of help with the journey one thing a couple things I wanted to point out is that I do like when you mentioned you know needing the program to be you know realistic for your lifestyle and not having you know not wanting to commit to going to the meetings yeah I took completely agree with that I think that for me at the point that I joined I was at more of an emergency level when I walked in and so at that point I really did need to first of all I needed to wait in in front of somebody I did not want to just wait at home I needed that accountability even though I was doing it for me I needed that a weekly accountability when you reach a crucial critical point and everyone's different but yeah I think that that was a difference I was probably more I had a more critical point um one thing I'm sorry you know and then now I have a scale because for years I didn't have a skill so now I do have a scale and I do weigh myself regularly and in terms of the cost that's why I'm really trying to get to life time because no I don't want to go to a meeting every week that's not what I want to do on my Saturday mornings either because Saturday is literally the only morning I get to sleep in and it gets tiring to just go week in and week out and get up at the same time every day so but I can cook going once a month I do want to do that so yeah that's why I'm rude I really want lifetime the other thing is that exercise I did not exercise I won't say I didn't exercise at all because I do walk my dog now it's not cardio but I do move for I would say you know 30 to 40 minutes a day as you move um so that had to have accounted for something but no I did not exercise now I'm not saying that you shouldn't exercise because even though I've lost the weight I don't feel strong and that's that I do that's why I know I need to exercise just to get that strength um so you know I don't say like my mom is always asking oh don't you feel better than since you lost the weight and you know I don't because the same things that hurt me before still hurt you know and it's still Inc so I do need to exercise one other thing that I wanted to mention is when you said that you're an emergency State I was as well not only the wedding session not only the weight but also medically so I have high blood pressure it's hereditary my mom got it at a very young age my sister has it I have it so and I've been on blood pressure medication since I was early 40s and I was about to have to go on another blood pressure medication and additional medication and I really did not want to be on an additional medication so that was what really motivated me to go ahead and start a program and try to get the weight off and see if I'm able to avoid ever Nagor my parents are in the back discussion see if I can avoid going on a third medication basically and so I was able to dodge that bullet my blood pressure is now under control without having to add the additional medication and that's what the 25 pound weight loss so I am very very happy about that and now I'm almost at goal want to lose about another five pounds or so and really really increase the exercise and see if I can get off of the existing medication that I'm on or at least kind of taper it down a little bit so and you've had a similar regime I about almost two months ago I stopped as I was on but had been on blood-pressure medication for many years as well and almost two months ago I just kind of stopped taking my blood pressure medication just you know I kind of would stepped in a step down myself it was not doctor approved and I don't recommend everybody doing that but I just wanted to see if it had had any impact on my blood pressure and I do have a blood pressure cuff at home and I started taking mine at home regularly multiple times a day just to you know start so that when I went to the doctor I would be able to give her my readings so she could see what was going on so I went to the doctor this past week and she was very impressed with my results I took in my readings and was able to compare my the results from my blood pressure cooked to the in-office cup mine was a little bit lower but she was not at all concerned about the difference in the readings she said that for the amount of time that I had been off the medication that my blood pressure would have spiked even with my at home cook by now so I did all my blood work on Friday I haven't gotten a result of that to like look at you know all my other levels blood sugar and cholesterol and all that but she at this point told me to not go back on the blood pressure medication will just continue to monitor it she did tell me to stop taking my blood pressure so much did I tell you that you and mom both need to program but yeah she said stop taking it so much you know just every other day or so but you know I really just wanted to have a lot of proof when I went into the doctor said hey these are my readings and it's fine at home so um yeah so as of now I'm not on and she said that even if she said looking at these reasons I would not give someone with these readings put someone like you on blood pressure medication and I was on ten milligrams she said even if we were to if it started to creep up you would be on a much lower dose maybe two point five milligrams or even you know just a diuretic or something like that to start but for now I'm not on blood pressure medication so I'm excited about that um I had just refilled a 90 day supplies I'm not happy about that but I need to talk about what you were on oh yeah yeah yeah an eye for 90-day supply okay oh yeah yeah I mean the bottom line is Weight Watchers and this we're not sponsored by Quinn what just have really had tremendous results from working the program and what we found basically is that you can get the same results whether you do it online or go into the meetings it just depends on yourself personally and your commitment to it so highly recommend anybody that's thinking about it I tried so many different things for weight loss over the years and I mean Weight Watchers is really the only one that I have found that works for me yeah me too and I'm looking at the timer because we are very limited on time but where do we go from here so for me I'm just trying to get to life time as quickly as possible yeah like ASAP I need to get a life time and I need to lose like five more pounds for myself to get some cushion same with me so you know we're at six months today and maybe another month I should be at the goal and then it'll just be about maintaining yep okay so thanks for watching thanks for watching

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