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What Are Some Healthy Weight Watchers Snacks?


Healthy Weight Watchers Snacks

  • I want to talk to you about my favorite Weight Watchers friendly snacks.
  • I've acquired this list through a little bit of trial and error.
  • A couple of things that I really enjoy and go back to over and over again that are relatively low in smart points.
  • Beyond the scale plan, and the smart points program– a lot of these did transfer over from the old plan with points plus but I made some modifications.
  • The items are relatively low in smart points- you can buy them good to go, and ready to consume. A lot of them are perfect for throwing in your bag when you have to be on the go.
  • Also, keeping a stash in your car is great for snacks.
Video Transcript

Today I have a Weight Watchers related video for you I want to talk to you about my favorite Weight Watchers friendly snacks and treats and things like that in the prepackaged genre so stuff you can get on the go are already prepared I've acquired this list through a little bit of trial and error I've really come up with a solid list of a couple of things that I really enjoy and go back to over and over and over again that are relatively low in smart points and this is specific to at the beyond the scale plan and the smart points program a lot of these did transfer over from the old plan with points plus but I made some modifications and really started to vet out my favorite things that were the lowest smart points possible because for a lot of my things a lot of my go-to treats the points value spiked because of the sugar content once they transferred over into smart points so the items I have here are relatively low in smart points you can buy them good to go ready to consume and a lot of them are perfect for throwing in your bag when you have to be on the go keeping a stash in your car great for snacks or for treat replacements if you will so let's go ahead and jump right in first I have something that I don't actually have the product because I ate them all whoops but I'm in love with these these are the enlightened good-for-you crisps and these are actually relatively new you might remember enlightened from the ice-cream bar brand which I'll get to in just a second but the enlightened crisp are actually broad beans that have been baked I believe lightly roasted in sunflower oil sprinkled in sea salt is what it says but for a serving is only 100 calories and 7 grams of protein and there are only two smart points for a survey now to be fair a serving is not this entire bag this entire bag is about three and a half servings but a serving is a twenty-eight gram serving of an ounce and it's actually a really decent substitute for any chip sort of thing that you would like instead they're very dense they're delicious I expected them to not be nearly as good as they ended up being I don't know what I was expecting when they sent me these a disclaimer enlightened company did send me some of these to try this bag is when I bought myself I tried all the ones that they gave me and I went out and bought more because they were that good and they're going to be a staple in my house from now on that's how much I like them um but they come in all sorts of different flavors like this one is garlic and onion they have a sriracha one they have a wasabi one the wasabi one was not my style but if you like wasabi you will love the sabi one a regular salt a BBQ and like and it sour cream and onion maybe might be the other one can they come in a wide variety of flavors and they are so good you can buy them in packs like this or you can buy them in little single serving packs which are perfect to put in your kids lunches and your lunches in your purse for a quick go to snack in case the snack attack happens these are just amazing I also like to put them in my chili as like a little crunchy aspect to my Chileans soups and stuff so good so many possibilities for these I love them love them love sticking with the enlightened brand I want to talk to you briefly about the enlightened ice-cream bars these are the most Weybridge wasn't that these are the most Weight Watchers friendly ice-cream bars that I have been able to find and I bought them on a whim one day because I was in Sam's Club and they had this cinnamon caramel swirl flavor and I had my tracker out I was learning the new program and this popped up is only three smart points and I went ice cream for three smart points done and I didn't expect it to be very good but I expected it to be something that would satisfy that sweet tooth in the evening turns out these things are freaking amazing I'm so in love with them I think they are delicious and here is only five grams of sugar 80 calories high fiber what was the fiber 5 survivor five grams of fiber and seven grams of protein in an ice cream bar holy cow so good they come in a bunch of other flavors too like peanut butter and mint chocolate and salted caramel I haven't tried any of those yet because I haven't gone out to a Whole Foods to buy them this is what's available at my sam's club this one flavor so that's what i purchased and i'm in love with it it's so good it says limited-edition but it's been there so I don't know how limited-edition this flavor is I highly recommend you try these especially if you like frozen ice cream and now that the weather is warming up it's the perfect spring and summertime treat for not a lot of points which is of course the goal next we're going to talk about something that was in my favorites video a couple of months ago this is think jerky again the package is emptied because I ate it all this is good good stuff this is non-gmo all natural free-range family farm no antibiotics good for you turkey jerky oh it's so stinkin good so good you can find these at Mariano's they're a little bit pricey I think they're about $5 per package but let's talk about the package only three smart points 17 grams of protein and protein I'm emphasizing the protein this entire video because protein is one of those things that fills you up and keeps you feeling feeling fuller longer which means you will eat less yes yes that's why we're emphasizing the protein this entire video so there are different flavors of this too this like a ginger or something one out remember there's two spicy ones and the two not spicy ones and I tried the ginger one I liked it but I loved this flavor this is Thanksgiving flavor so it's got turkey cranberry and herbs that remind you of the classic holiday meal that says and each flavor is created by a chicago-based Michelin star type chef or a big-deal chef which is kind of cool and special shout out to the brand because they're from Chicago which is where I'm from and I just I love this I love this and I want more and you can find them at Mariano's these are Rapid Action protein or wrap strawberry gummies yes I said it gummies and they are protein dummies these have 20 grams of protein in every bag and they are 5 smart points for the bag which is actually one of the items that went down in points value when the new high protein low sugar plan was implemented so I love that these went down from 6 points to 5 points I think they're fabulous be warned they do not taste like strawberry gummy bears ok so if you're going in there expecting one of the chewy little horrible gummy bears you're gonna be disappointed you gotta go into this thinking I'm eating a protein gummy and you will love them ok but if you're expecting a really sweet sugary candy like gummy you're going to be disappointed just so you know however I really really really really love these and there are really great candy fix without being candy so the first time I've tried when I bought them on a whim one day when I was at GNC I tried one gummy number one I was like this is disgusting why did I buy these buy gummy number 3 I was over it and thought they were the best things ever because I love strawberry flavored things so good don't buy a big box of them I don't even know if you can try one package first I think they're delicious let me know in the comments below if you have tried these and what'd you think of them because I know there are going to be a lot of mixed feelings out there about this product but if you're a protein person like I am you'll probably like these for the sake of getting 20 grams of protein for something that's supposed to be candy alright guys if you know me this next thing should come as no surprise to you at all hello quest bars I am a quest obsessed girl obsessed and recently I was invited to join the quest squad and become one of their ambassadors which is awesome PS this is hashtag not sponsored I'm doing this on my own accord I've been to do this for months and months I just haven't gotten around to it yet quest bars are my favourite protein bar ever I found a couple years ago when I was looking for a Weight Watchers friendly protein bar because all of the protein bars on the market are high in protein but they also end up really high in fat calories which just wasn't working for me I wasn't willing to spend eight nine ten points on something that I wanted to be a snack and not a meal so when I found quest I immediately I went for it I took the dive tried a bunch of the flavors and fell in love with them and it's it's a love story that will live on and on and on and I'm currently waving at you my two favorite flavors which is the s'more flavor this is my hands-down favorite flavor ever and then in close second is the mint chocolate flavor which is their latest release for the protein bars I believe outside of their pumpkin pie flavor which was limited edition so yeah I love these what I love about them is a lot of the quest products went down in points value or stay the same when the smart points were implemented so this protein bar is only four points let me redo these stats for four smart points 180 calories 8 grams of fat 13 grams of fiber 13 and 20 grams of protein there are 23 carbs in here too so it's a great macronutrient balance which I really enjoy I enjoy that it is not a lot of smart points and it's kind of like the candy bar replacement like this mint chocolate one is a treat they also have a cookie dough one that is a treat and they range from four to five points I heard rumors I haven't checked yet but I heard rumors that there's at least one that's three points I don't know which one that is yet though um but there are five points four points and that I can I can sacrifice for a nice protein fiber heavy treat like this they also have quest chips which are delicious in my opinion and there are only two points for the bag and it really satisfies that potato chip craving that you have but there's a bunch of protein and it's like 21 or something grams of protein in the bag of chips how awesome is that they also have protein powder but I'm not going to talk about that because we're talking about portable ready to go snacks so questions are great quest bars are amazing I also want to give a shout out to two other products that I don't actually have here but our worth of mention anyway when I was on the old points plus plan I was in love with fiber one like the brownie bar things they started as brownies but then they started releasing ones that were like lemon bar and cinnamon coffee cake and things like that and while the brownie one itself is one of my least favorites I love the lemon bar ones the cinnamon cake ones they have an orange cranberry one now and they used to be two points and they've been bumped up to four points Plus which I was like ah you know devastated heartbroken it's not two points anymore but they're still worth a mention because they're actually really good they're high in fiber and they're a very good dessert craving satisfier so if you see the fiber one there in the cereal bar aisle if you see the fiber ones go ahead and give them a try if you think that a bar that's about I don't even know the size it's like four or five bites can satisfy a snack craving for you if you think that's worth the four points go for it if not feel free to stay away I also wanted to mention something that I tried for the first time very recently and actually really enjoyed which is the Special K brownies those are three points they come in two flavors as far as I know I haven't researched I'm just going off of what I see in the grocery store and what I've tried they have a chocolate one which is super tasty and they have a caramel one which is super tasty these brownies are three smart points really chocolaty delicious the only problem is there's about two bytes per brownie so again if you like they're smaller than the fiber one bars there they're teeny tiny I laughed the first time I saw them but then they were so good that I was like well alright you know six and one half a dozen to the other give them a try if you think to buy brownies will satisfy you because they are worth the two bites and the three points but if that's not enough for you then stay away the last thing I want to mention which isn't really a snack or a treat but is something that kind of acts like it if that makes any sense these would hold me lenders and the only reason I have these is because I want to give away and I heard of them and wanted to try them but didn't want to go and buy them you know what I'm saying but what these are is essentially it is a two layer type of hard candy ish thing and the first layer that you get is chocolate a nice dark chocolate just enough to kind of satisfy that after dining sweet tooth you know what I'm talking about you just finished dinner and at least for me because I have massive sweet tooth you just finished dinner and you want something sweet and like I shouldn't need anything these are perfect pop this in your mouth you let the chocolate melt and it satisfies that part of your brain that says I need something sweet and then the underneath the chocolate is a cooling kind of menthol a hard candy that you let dissolve slowly and it actually gives that cooling kind of like I just brushed my teeth flavor that freshens your mouth and kind of turns off the desire to want food at all so that's why they called me lenders because you're supposed to eat them at the end of your meal to kind of put the lid on it and be done eating and turn your brain off for that so I wanted to give those a little shout out because they actually do what they're supposed to do which is pretty cool and that's all I have to say about that I really just wanted to hop on here and tell you guys all of the snacky type things I have really truly been loving and been wanting to share with you for a while and I just haven't sat down to film the video go ahead and give this video a thumbs up if you would like to see more weight loss or weight watchers or diet and health related videos and let me know in the comments below what kind you would like to see give me a topic and I will do my best to create a video for you guys with the advice that I have I only have my experience to reflect on but I have lost weight I have gained the weight back I have constantly struggled with all sorts of the weight stuffs so this is a constant journey for me and weight loss is a lifetime journey so we could all really use the advice and tips and support from one another going on the same journey as we are I hope you all are well and I will talk to you all in my next video take care guys hi today I have the chance to do a juice cleanse and one day it's only one day and it's by this company called juice by Julie.

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