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Beachbody 21 Day Fix Base Kit Workout Program


If you're looking to lose weight and get in shape, one of the best ways is to get the Beachbody program, which comes with portion control containers, which is brilliant. You can purchase it now on Amazon through my link below, and I'll get a commission, which I truly appreciate!

In her review on (click here to reach and purchase), Nicole S says “This is one of the best investments I've ever made, I honestly never did a full 21 days but each time I start fresh with this program I can feel the results immediately, Looking forward to the New Year and starting it up again, anyone can do this program and its well worth every penny, I love the Shakeology shakes and even the eating plan, Autumn has got fitness down to a science.”

Video Transcript

Hey guys autumn year today we are unboxing 21 day beachbody on demand fix we've got some fun new packaging as well as some fun new things in the box so let's take a look I love it first of all it is actually a purple box which makes me happy that is my favorite color so let's dig in here so when we will open it up the first thing you get is our fun little insert if you saw the 21 day fix infomercial there's my buddy Tom Bergeron one of my old clients you see some fabulous inspirational people on here they took their before and after photos they submitted them to the Beachbody Challenge make sure you do that as well on the back here you see what it's all about what you're going to be doing for the next 21 days yummy delicious food portion controlled out so there is that you've got your Shakeology cup that is your daily dose of dense super food nutrition make sure you drink it every single day we have our containers these are key to your success so make sure you use them green is your vegetables purple is your fruit yellow is your carbohydrates to lose weight fast red is your protein the blue is your healthy fat and orange is your oils and seeds everybody always asks me why you get to when you only get to have one of them a day case was dirty you're welcome ok you get your to workout DVDs all seven workouts are right there you've got total body cardio fix upper fix lower fix Pilates fix dirty 30 cardio fix and yoga fix so there's all of your workouts right there you get your 21 day fix start here guide so this is where you can track your measurements you do your little calorie calculation so you know how many times a day you get to fill those containers because yes you do get to fill them multiple times a day you're going to get your 21 day fix eating plan this is your Bible make sure you look at it real did know it everything you need to be successful on 21 day fix is right here in this book you've got your tally sheets you've got your calorie calculation food list so you know what goes in each container recipes tips for eating out at restaurants anything and everything you need right there in that eating plan you also get something fun and new we've got the 21 day fix stickers these go on your containers they just tell you what each container is so if you're traveling with them taking them out with you you don't always have to reference the guidebook you now have the stickers on the containers and last but not least the 21 day fix three-day quick fix if you an event coming up something you need to be ready for a short amount of time you want to shut off those last few pounds you use the three-day quick fix so there it is everything you need to be successful on the 21 day fix like I said some fun new things in the box best of luck on your fitness journey guys.

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