What Exercises Burn Belly Fat?

What exercises burn belly fat?

Well, the truth is that all exercises can burn belly fat. It’s just that some exercises are more effective than other- in other words, some are higher intensity and so they burn more total calories during the workout and after the workout. A great ab workout like the one provided will burn belly fat and I suggest pairing it with this carb cycling diet program, which is simple and effective. I highly recommend the program, and if you purchase it, I get a commission, which I really do appreciate!

Video Transcript

What Exercises Burn Belly Fat? Your first exercise you’ll know what it is those hill touches so just bring your hands to each side of your heels remember all of these are just for 30 seconds so really push yourself but each exercise that’s it really using those oblique muscles so we’re gonna be working these side muscles here ok keep me going now just tuck your head in slightly where you can look up to the ceiling depending on how your neck is feeling haha ok keep it going really they’re ready to go to that next exercise ok going to those crunches so one arm at a time just crunching it across huh almost like a bicycle we’re not stretching our legs out ok again working those oblique muscles but also working on abs – okay come on keep pushing it remember we’ve got six exercises we’re gonna go we’re all twice and then we’ve got a great . work out to finish ok let’s move on to that next exercise ok let’s go for those which – now this exercise are always find is best to do after you’ve done one or two our workouts already like one or two just have exercises because that’s when you’re going to really fill this one it’s a tough one we just want to really try and push those hands through the legs great job everyone is a good start well working to get that six pack we’ve got to put in the effort ah ok let’s move on to the next exercise ok now we have done this one before so it’s a new exercise first all arms out to the side and we just have to catch up so I can call these wide toe touches ok now my arms on that long so it doesn’t matter if you can’t completely touch your feet just try and touch as many as you can Wow now ask yourself how much do you want that six pack Wow however it’s a lot you’ve got to put in the effort ok ok let’s keep it going Oh squeeze your house should be burning tell me you can feel the burn ok next exercise oh you have our legs and starfish huh offer your hand to opposite foot who how you feeling can you feel it there’s a cubs you should be feeling the burn in the ABS if you’re not you’ve got to work harder come on how much do you want those ABS who or what I want is expect Rebecca come on tell me squeeze keep it going you got one more exercise and they’re gonna do the whole thing through again okay almost there come on squeeze Oh give me one more ok strange the next exercise legs up let’s go down to the side nice and slowly now we want to make sure that it’s controlled if you can only go this far before they are going to feel like you’re gonna fall then come back up again and over time you’re going to be able to get further and further down to the ground if you want you can put your hands out to the side it’s going to give you more support cool ok how you feeling guys can you feel that burn in your belly I can but it feels good no I know that working right you ready to start all over again give me those kill touches 30 seconds again wow that’s it just keep your head looking down this tuck it in slightly we don’t want to strain that neck has it really squeeze them don’t need to feed it working now you’ve gone through this once if you do it again you’ll be closer to get that six-pack you want oh so you know how it feels oh no I’m quitting on me now just one more time through come on keep it going okay keep breathing okay next exercise just a little crunch OH now if you’re like me and you get a bit of a strain in your neck you can put the weight of your head in your hands and then just really concentrate on using your obliques to crunch engage those out oh come on keep it going how’s it feeling I can feel the burn come on squeeze ready to do that this exercise is we’re going to feel the burn let’s go through come on push those now this one is hard to speak so wow it’s just breathe okay come on keep it going squeeze those ABS tell me back up I can feel the burn come on squeeze can you see you six pack develop it I’m sure you can if you put in the effort to do this every day it properly you really are going to see the difference ok bring those arms out and straight up ok now if your neck is starting to strain don’t bring your head as high up look straight up in the air and just think about squeezing those ab muscles come on really squeeze oh ok keep it going there’s a great job everyone you’re almost through you’re almost at the end you gonna keep working next exercises do those starfish punches so working those lower abs and those higher abs as well come on squeeze I know you’ve got it in you to keep that and give me the knife at work on my six pack come on squeeze how you feeling everyone you’ve been in those apps you go one more exercise to do when we gonna get some planks ok so arms up I’m set aside and then slowly down ok you got an awesome guys if you manage to get through this your abs should be burning your muscles are feeling tense and tight oh come on squeeze nice and junk me down to the side nice and slow ok but those arms out to the side is going to give you more support okay you ready let’s go on to those planks who okay so if i run to your tummies we’ve got a minute and a half of exercise left we’re going to hold a hearing are playing for 30 seconds and then we can do to stop playing for a 30-second each cool now I know what you’re saying to yourselves I can’t do it I can’t do it you can okay just pull in the tummy we don’t want our bottoms in the air which opened it blow want to keep the spine nice and neutral and just squeeze those ABS ok you can do it I promise you okay just keep going come on feel those ABS working you need to turning onto the side ok let’s turn out to the side holding up now remember you can just have your hands beside here if you want to make it harder for me up and look up to the sky make sure you’re pulling up here we don’t want to sink down working those oblique muscles as well come on keep it down you got a less than a minute of exercise to go that’s nothing ok ok it’s breathing keep breathing inhaling and exhaling you want to make sure that we are getting the oxygen to the muscles to keep the working come on push okay 30 seconds left to go switch over straight away no rest and let’s go whoo ok that’s a great effort guys come on keep it going all the way to the end of this 30 seconds arm up to the sky look up pulling those obliques cool I know it’s a lot to remember but who is gonna be worth it in the end just think how good your abs gonna look if you really gave a lot of effort into this work out who almost there how you feeling he built in the band I can feel it it feels good and then that whoa great job everyone there you are you gonna be on your way to get a flat stomach.What Exercises Burn Belly Fat?
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