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What Kind Of Tea Burns Fat?


What Kind Of Tea Burns Fat?

You may be familiar with the fact that certain tea's the help burn fat by boosting your metabolism and balancing out your blood sugar. However, did you know there are other little-known ways that tea can help you lose weight and be healthier overall? Watch this video to learn more. If you'd like a full weight loss program that incorporates fat burning teas + a lot more, check out the Morning Fat Melter here. I get a commission if you purchase, and I truly appreciate it!

Video Transcript

What Kind Of Tea Burns Fat?

Lifers drew Canole it's another Saturday strategy at the end of this video I'm going to be giving away a four-hundred-dollar jay Kordich power grind juicer now today we're talking about five super ingredients that you can add to a super fat burning tea for the summer challenge I know y'all working hard we're going to wait ten thousand dollars for one lucky winner at the end of this transformation challenge coming up soon so make sure you register if you haven't registered yet and partake in this challenge so let's talk about this super team first ingredient number one is we have some amazing green tea now this has ECG see in it which is a natural ingredient in green tea that actually speed your metabolism up if I did nothing else but just great drink green tea one couple day it said that I could burn 70 more calories a day now that adds up on top of it I'm like do what do we do to make this the most super fat burning to ever get a little cayenne pepper to it which is ingredient number two cayenne pepper has kept say in it kept saying speedy metabolism us to three hundred percent they've done research on this plus I like the spice things up a little bit remember it's really really hot so if you don't want to spit spice it up that much you don't have to we're going to a little tumor it to it turmeric is an anti-inflammatory I'm getting ready to go to the gym right now you know those aches and pain sometimes we all get to work as a natural thing that you can add your tea I think it tastes great absolutely amazing actually white in Turkey I don't know if you know that enough but to mark whiten your teeth as well little interesting tidbit of information we got a little lemon here lemon we're going to drop it at the end of the tea this helps detoxify your liver now remember it's no longer what you eat it's what you absorb so how much you assimilate you when you're absorbing depends on how clean your liver is how clean your kidney is in the food that you're processing so we want you to gain that muscle to get that sexy is Tony stomach this summer we want to make sure that your body is clean your digestive systems on track and I . now one thing I like to add to my tea afterwards it's a little bit of honey ok now if you have a problem with honey you can use agave nectar other things like that i'm just going to use a little bit i'm only doing it for the medicinal benefits and what's funny is I don't really need to sweeten this thing up I absolutely love it it's gonna give raise my blood sugar up a little bit as well I like to have my blood sugar ray's while I'm in the gym otherwise sometimes a little lightheaded a little fatigued it's gonna pump me up for the pre workout in this super fat burning t we got here right now we're going to drop it in the Breville we got some green tea we're going to put it in a little calendar here alright so the tea is done we're going to pour in the mason jar because it's jamehl just said everything tastes better in a mason jar it's like that got a green tea now we can store this in the fridge if we wanted to cool it off at on the summer day totally could do that we had about a half a tablespoon of humor we're going to drop one lemon in here we're not going to drop the whole limited because we don't want to sit in there like that but it's going to give us a nice little flavor and a dash of cayenne pepper we're gonna have a little bit honey like I said it's going to boost a clue cosas pre-workout status going to burn some body fat in the gym a little bit of honey now this it tastes absolutely I like to kind of tie it up I don't think that's what I like it spicy and I love learning that line going to go like that is now does here we go that's good spicy but it's definitely good you guys are gonna love this make sure you start up as you inhale it the kinds like right on top off a little bit here we go the juicers going out to Kelly Warren Kelly warnings winner says thank you for sending the Alpha reset out via email as soon as i can afford a juicer our purchase the juice up your life I've already lost five pounds and I've been able to stop my acid reflux medication and one of the acne Mets by attempting some of your recipes that you posted on your foot like page so excited to try more this juicing journey has been limited but it has already taught me that limitations don't exist only if you let them happen in the mind so Kelly Warren congratulations absolutely love it goose is coming out you love it alright guys so to win the juicer next week make sure you register to enter the challenge we have the band around this blog as well the summer challenge it's right up on us we're going to wait ten thousand dollars of cold hard cast trip surprises we're going to take the winner of the challenge flying out here to sunny San Diego where everybody else will be invited as well to meet with the FitLife that tvt and I very first live event that we're having here coming up soon so remember we're in this together I'm drew Canole and we'll see you next week let's see how this tastes with spicy but it's good. what tea burns fat
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