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How Many Carbs On Belly Fat Cure?


How Many Carbs On Belly Fat Cure?

One of the best ways to lose weight fast is through carb cycling. Basically, you are shifting the amount of carbs you eat daily in accordance with your exercise program. For example, if you're working out hard today you'll eat more carbs and if it's a day off from working out, you'd eat less. This allows you to eat a ton of carbs at certain times and not get fat. This keeps your body in a fat burning mode. This is my recommended Carb Cycling product, best program on the market. If you purchase, I will get a commission and I truly appreciate it!


Video Transcript

How many carbs on Belly Fat Cure? so people are always asking me that's not my transformation like DJ how do i get rid of my evil belly fat I just want to finally you know reveal a six pack abs well today I'm excited because I'm going to show you exactly what i ate and how i made these small minor tweaks my nutrition to rapidly share the fat off my body faster than the traditional way my name is DJ and i'm here to help you transform your body and upgrade your life by giving you advance that last hacks every Friday for young professionals entrepreneurs and executives and in today's fat last Friday I'm going to teach you the fastest way to get rid of that evil belly fat so how do you get rid of that evil belly fat well there's a traditional way to lose body fat which is balanced diet creating a calorie deficit of 200 to 500 calories which is great because it you know bounces your hormones out you're slowly losing fat into safe effective way over time those body fat but what if you want to lose body five faster right when i started my transformation I want to lose body fat fast so i started well you know working with different people in the fitness industry and trying to figure out what was the fastest way that I could lose the most amount of body fat and discovered that there's a the fastest way to do it which has been used by professional athletes to get down like five percent body fat over and over again what is it and how does it work and why is it so effective well first of all what what it is is manipulating your hormones to target fat cells so how do you do that ok by making a few simple tweaks to your nutrition let me explain what that method is called cyclical ketogenic diet or the simple term is called is carb cycling and it's it's pretty much it's very simple on some days you're eating a high protein high fat diet and on other days you're eating high protein high carb diet now what this does is it switches your metabolism over from a carbon metabolism we're using car's fuel into a fat metabolism we're using fat for fuel so what happens is you're using the glycogen in your muscles and as the glycogen starts to get depleted your body switches over to a fat burning mode and starts to target specifically the fat cells for energy all right then after a few days your body adapts just like with anything your body starts to adapt so that that fat last starts to slow down and this is what most people start to plateau and this is why carb cycling is more is actually more effective because what you do at that point is actually bombard your body with a ton of carbohydrates make two or three times the amount you would normally eat and there's two reasons you do this the first reason is your replenishing the glycogen stores inside your muscle cells and a second-rate some reason is because your resetting your metabolism so that it can really accelerate the fat loss all right so you're you're going like this you're burning burning them tons of fat and that's how to slow down and then you it drops off and your reset and it brings it back up again now the awesome thing is that testosterone and fat actually have a positive correlation so when you're eating a high-fat diet a high fat low carb diet you're actually stimulating more testosterone release so this diet actually helps you build more muscle putting an anabolism state wasn't that awesome that's why i was able to drop four percent body fat while building muscle I mean with some of our clients in the week body grad program we actually put them in a surplus so they're actually building muscle but they're burning fat same time because they are you the body has switched over to using fat for energy instead of using carbon energy specifically targeting burning fat so it's pretty straightforward pretty simple majority of the week you're going to be eating a high protein high fat diet and then once a week or twice a week depending on you know depending on the results are you going to eat a high protein high carb diet and low fat all right so it's pretty simple this is the same nutrition strategy that we use for all our reporter God coaching clients if you're interested in learning more about how to apply that is this strategy specifically to your nutrition plan make sure you click this button right here and what will be will gladly help you out if you like this video and you want to learn more advanced that last hacks every Friday make sure you subscribe by clicking this button right here now have a question for you what have you found to be the fastest way to burn fat your experience leave a comment below I read every single one your feedback is super important to me because it makes makes me know that that I'm doing the right thing and I'm helping you guys out so if you have any questions also leave in the comments below I read every single one that's it for today on that last Friday this DJ I'll see you next week take care. carbs on belly fat cure
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