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Dr. Ian Smith’s SHRED 30 Day Diet Plan Review


Dr. Ian Smith's Shred Diet

My review: it's a solid dieting program that works whether you're male or female, and whether you have a lot to lose, or a little. Shred is truly is a powerful diet. Let me tell you something- if I can burn off this much fat on the SHRED diet, you can also. Most impressively, it helped me got over my sticking points on the scale.

Shred is a pretty straightforward diet that helps you manage your insulin levels through eating low glycemic index foods. You also have some meal replacements, which are quite tasty. The program is 6 weeks long and come with plenty of great recipes.

If you're interested you can check out the link below, which goes to the Shred page on Amazon. I'll get a commission if you purchase it then and there, and I greatly appreciate the help!

Video Transcript

30 Day Shred. Hey welcome back to emotional no joke alright you got a reunion maybe a wedding at each vacation something coming up and you need to shed those extra pounds super-quick our next guest has the solution welcome back the best-selling author of super sure dr. Ian Smith guys because you gonna be back now this sounds really good to me but i gotta know how this works because in your latest book which is super shred your showing people how to lose 20 pounds in four weeks first of all is that ok to do I mean it's interesting for a long time I've always said you know two pounds a week is really nice good weight loss of steady weight loss but they looked at why is it that we say two pounds a week and what I realized was it was that because the methods people use to lose weight really fast are unhealthy so it wasn't the weight loss of samples and healthy it's the methods of people use the limit i called the elimination diet right only eating you know cabbage soup or lemonade or something like that car no carbs a day limit entire food nutrients so what I said was can I put a plan together that's nutritionally balanced has enough calories but still can get you lose weight rapidly and we took a big group over the summer to do it and they lost on average 20 pounds in four weeks and i think it happened how much you have to start with that because you only have 20 pounds to lose you're not gonna lose it all in four weeks if you got 70 pounds to lose a hundred pounds to lose than yeah it's gonna come on like this it will have that realistic expectations absolutely what are these strategies and you have like sliding nutrient with that so sliding nutrient density means that the first half of your day can be animal based products if you want but the latter half is more plant-based higher and fiber lower in calories and when you go to sleep at night your metabolism is typically down so you won't miss counters at night anyway so we slide our density then we do something called calorie disruption that's what I really like is almost like muscle confusion um so every day there's a different calorie counter you don't count the calories that for you but some days it could be a thousand could be 1,200 1,100 you don't really know but I go up and down because it keeps the body off kilter keep shocking this is your metabolism doesn't get used to that one people have to understand i think even if you're doing the right thing and you do the same thing all the time the body gets acclimated and that's what people do on diets right I'm only eating boiled chicken every single you can you can and the third thing is called negative energy balance so the idea is very simple your body your body goes negative energy it needs to find the energy from somewhere if it's not getting all the energy from food that I'm drive you into your fat stores to get the energy because fat is energy and that's important so the combination of the exercises there is exercise any program says the exercises being disingenuous yeah i think it's over hand so there is exercise but also how I space my meals and you mentioned earlier every 2-3 hours are getting out of a meal or a snack yeah so you can actually feel full longer and here's the key when you snack well then you prevent yourself from overindulging at the next meal well I had a question because you know I I was following the shred your your first buddy and I did lose 15 pounds also i don't tell them to before and after i was really amazing but here's my question I don't want to lose another 20 pounds i was just five can this work for me in in this I talk about all the time because the average weight loss was 20 pounds your body is only going to lose what it needs to lose if you don't need to make 20 pounds you're not going to lose 20 pounds dressed and you will probably get that five off and I'll take you a few weeks to do it because you're right at that target weight closer you want to target weight the harder it is to get off and you know what the beauty is its regular food by the way I mean you know it has one solution it has pizza sometimes it has lasagna because I don't know your opinion but I believe that putting people on severely restricted programs and not having fun food is not gonna work just talking about ask you have you seen all this controversy with the biggest loser winner and she went from you know just 62 105 105 and a lot of people are freaking out about this and that's like–that's what is the issue that good couple issues first of all she looks very skeletal I mean she didn't even look up to her arms her face now there are issues that when you lose that much weight i'm saying you can lose you know 20 pounds in four weeks but she's losing sixty percent of your body weight huge and a time frame that we don't know because the biggest loser then tell us what the time frame and we've got a problem for years but to lose that much weight you at risk for gallstones dehydration and electrolyte imbalances all kinds of any problem kidney function so yeah i mean i don't recommend using that much weight that fast i applaud her by the way if she get it the way she was dedicated and and persevered but i just think it's not a good don't send people that you can go from $TIME to 60 to 150 by the way her 105 is underweight because their BMI 18 for her BMI and I'd rather you mentioned the time frame because yes at home it's a four-month period but we don't know how much they're stretching that time or shrinking that time well decision one of the issues with the show and by the way i think the show's inspirational so I'm not bashing the show but the issue had been transparency and i'm super trail we have this huge community called shredder nation against on facebook but it's real people and they're sharing recipes are working out together strategies where you buy this cranberry juice when you get this i mean people who lose the most weight and keep it off the long for those who have some kind of stable support since you're so interactive to with your variation so i just had our weight loss challenge that you saw with mark our boss so I had him think about why do you want to do this motivation so how do you keep people motivated like Jenna you know what she's like I just got that 15 months how do I keep motivated to not fall back into that joint understand i ask people who are successful all the time that because you know I'm I don't die I don't need is people who are successful and they tell me several things one they look at old pictures and they say i don't want to go back there the other thing is they look back at the old chart like I would say make a journey map of what how you want to lose weight so maybe a pound this week to next week and also the nsv the non-scale victories it's not just about the number on the scale it's also about lot of work out three times this week I took four flights of steps i mean people who can find success and inspiration things other than a scale tend to last you say stay focused that's right that's where strategize definitely a journaling that's when you mentioned time and not being obsessed and sometimes being around people were positive people who say you look at ability partner pepsi and accountability that's why you know workout buddy and/or weight loss buddy is always helpful to listen you got three ladies here okay you're very easy man on the Valentine's Day coming to you also have tips on what men actually want you got this other book here man you know what do I really want man want simplicity listen to me whine and pleasant evening you know that you know guys don't play a lot of games you know and I send the book to write this book is not about whether or not mr. right or wrong this book is about this is Weidman think the way they think and why they do what they do that's all it is it's just kind of a revelation and so to understand men better means better chance of success men want you to say what you mean yeah and mean what you say don't say oh don't bother me flowers for valentine's day and you want flowers i know in other words buy me flowers finally did you like the flowers when I mean you guys are fine with that they're completely but when a guy has to guess that she really mean it is she serious about it too much the game's over the other thing is that you know guys simply want to have fun sometimes and that fun does not mean going out with other women but guys may just want to go hang out with the guys came in right it's be okay but it's not that they're saying I don't be with you but sometimes a guy just got so we gotta viewer question that combines both those good health and love and marriage says I've been married for 14 years i'm not interested in having sex with my husband he has gained 80 plus pounds since we've been married and has no motivation to lose the weight I also have stressors regarding money and spending habits i fantasize about other men although i have no intention of leaving the marriage he's not interested in counseling he thinks it will change it will not change my attraction to him so how do i reek envision recondition and retrain my thoughts toward a desire for him wow there's a mystery the one thing I mean explain them to you know when people gain way there is an issue of being attracted to them anymore doesn't mean she doesn't love him anymore sure but attraction sometimes it's just a physical thing is a physiological craving and if someone's overweight or they change in a certain way you don't like it it's tough to get your mind around being attractive why would you be a virus why would I woods as you have an honest conversation if your spouse relationship reality sit down and listen I love you I want to go back to where we were we had this is what's stopping me you really have to have that it's a tough conversation you're saying just be direct about men like it when you are direct yes you have time getting forgot to tell a man what the problem is better not attract the no man wants his wife or significant other not to be attracted to him yeah and he will do what it takes to make you attractive in on it no idea men always an amazing guess that happens you so much for coming by again don't forget you guys check out super shred and if you want more information you can visit dr. Ian Smith . com we will be right back

Dr. Ian Smith's Shred Diet

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