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Does Cardio Exercise Get Rid Of Cellulite?

Can exercise get rid of cellulite?

Video Transcript

Best exercise for cellulite on legs. Ok today we have ashley and Cara you don't need anything at home but yourself find some space and I hope you're ready to get those glutes and legs looking good we're going to begin chair pose for your feet together ship the way back into your heels for your hands that prayer position and just take it down low all we're doing is pulsing weights and the yield chest is up and I always like to make sure I can wiggle my toes here that way. Best exercise for cellulite reduction. I'm not shifting what are the best exercises forward the needs are going over the toes and I think about this you got a hundred-dollar between your legs you don't want to let it go right so squeeze everything flutes are starting to warm up you start feeling that your body is getting heated which is great the heat causes change here for five more seconds we're going to step out same low side squat ladies ready Dale oh here we go step it out side pull it back in again I can make sure that I'm moving my toes here waits in the yield and already I'm feeling my quads fired up so this means 10 minutes you are going to look good at the end of it keep it up keep it up anything back there I'm the only one 15 more seconds good so I like to keep exercise machine moving if you need to take breaks at home feel free but the more you move the more you burn better you look go four more here 32 awesome try not to stand up on this like just shift your weight we're gonna go right into a kick cellulite on thighs your flick it so if you're going to take your foot out to the side like it tap it down like a good and tap a little extra credit in the oblique perfect land lightly so keeping that bend your standing leg standing like it's working outer thighs are warming up as a looking good perfect for more three two we're gonna hold an hour you go right into a jump spot right here to get up and down we're only here for 15 seconds heart rates up land lightly good five more seconds four three two one go right back to starting position whoa get my curse thee shift back again catch your breath how we feel it I had a feeling you weren't blowing up get a little bit lower good abs and shift back breathe relax your shoulders not so bad your button like a good 10 more seconds II trust myself good 54 now remember we're marrying it so we're just going to step out opposite leg let's do it out and in good i think she keeps coming up you're going to get lower they're good guys it burns if it were easy we won't have to do it you just sit there and watch TV right what we want to be healthy I want to look good it means we got to put in the work and more seconds going to move right into that flick kick in five four three remember trying to stay low – and let's go shift onto that leg at that oh good lick it and down getting do it may be starting to feel like you want to do this to you for making me do this exercise whatever gets you through the day glad we have 15 more seconds so good we got that little cardio burst coming up ten seconds we'll keep breathing get ready 3 2 we got to get that burn one right into squat jump here we go just 15 nice ten nine land lightly keep breathing five seconds we go right into curtsy lunges 3 2 1 hands on those hips keep that like behind step keep your hips facing forward the bigger step you take back the more you'll be working those glutes I love the curtsy you get everything in our outer a hold of it we can dance it out a little bit good how are you feeling go check on you check your form as look good so that's how much for taking a step behind each leg keep your shoulders still facing forward hip and breathe it's so important to breathe again you can always take that sip of water break when you need and the more you work the more you earn you have 10 more seconds coming up we have another little cardio burst here just praise yourself it's remove cellulite not going to be so bad and finish it good take your toes out slightly tuck your tailbone there you go first the second find your inner ballerina so here we go to get out and take it in and it's good nice and light ads and starting to feel that's wet i know i am starting to beat up on my nose keep gallon we're going to get this heart rate up in 15 seconds coming down on the floor ladies you ready you can do it means we're nearing the end give me five four three two awesome deep breath come on down to all fours right here we're going to go into the outer thigh we're gonna go for a hydrant bring your hands right underneath your shoulders as pullin type gonna let that knee up and right back down and out and down good so they look great back here you really want think you're meeting up with me your ankle will follow you feel that right in here some people might refer to it as a saddlebag I called a little extra love will try to shrink it keep lifting lower back down good we're here you got 20 more seconds another key here is when we get tired you start shifting bring it back to life is lifted more weight on that hand as well going to feel it more again when you start feeling that you start getting change oh we have 10 more seconds get five more awesome three were going to hold it up to and just like we did with the standing you're gonna flick it pull it in and back down lift up give it a flick and back down that's perfect squeeze so it's great right we get that lift we get a little more work out of it extension pulled in down right here again your abs are pulled in type always working those ABS no matter what movie you're doing me three more we're almost done with this side give me one more you're going to hold it down right there take a deep breath rainbow go up and over sweet up and over please good you're naturally going to open up that hip a little bit but try to keep it down try to get your leg up and around as much as possible squeeze your glutes both direction up and squeeze gettin up squeeze guys are great that's it that's the only thing we're doing for this best workout side any five more seconds here Wow go ahead and one more awesome take a deep breath prepare yourself because we got to the other side and then it's done so day a breath who let's go starting with that hydrant lift pick it up lower back to camp get up and down awesome guys – when you feel you feel like you ready work to sign a little bit little bit right I mean we did warm up the body with everything we just standing then we drop down on the floor you do feel like that's already been worked it was supporting yourself while you're working the other leg totally natural as you get stronger I'll go away a little bit it's a little you'll still feel it here we go through 10 more seconds awesome good watch that next make sure it's still in line with your spine give me free – now we're gonna hold it up given that flick flick it and it back to starting lift click and back good you guys are doing great again remember let's shift more on to that hand with a like lifted good I feel like she's shaking a little back there which is great your muscle starts shaking sweat starts coming down you are doing the work that is going to make you feel and look your back to keep it up it's all worth it go two more ah yes now one more hold it out right there tap it down laughing lift and over good at full rainbow you're just here for a minute guys you can do anything for 6 sec and even want to burn who I'm gonna need at all probably a shot are good let me know i'll look it up again right that's not all about you stay with me a little bit more lift and squeeze how we feeling worth it ok good it's all about confidence it's all about knowing the work you put in it's gonna make you look great at the end of day and that is what makes you look strong when you walk in the door well here we go last 15 seconds I'm dripping in sweat and i hope you are too at home ok guys let's get one more in here finish it out strong so great get up on your feet take a deep breath thanks for working hard today I hope your button like real shape I do see you soon

The best exercise program I've seen so far for getting rid of cellulite is the Beach Body Exercise program. Also, I've heard many people pair it up with Dr. Ian Smith's diet program for max results.