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Gold Earrings


Gold Earrings

Hi, I’m Olivia. Welcome to Eternal Christmas! Gold earrings are a very popular gift these days for Valentines Day, a Birthday Gift, or even Christmas. They’re symbolic of your love and gives her a great feeling when she wears them. If you’re thinking about getting a pair for yourself or as a gift, you may have some questions before getting them. Watch the video above and then click here to head over to Amazon to see the best selection online.

Video Transcript

Gold Earrings. As promised today I will be showing you how to make a pair of rose gold filled hoop earrings just like the pair that I'm wearing today so if you want to learn how just keep watching and this is a super simple tutorial and I've already written a blog post so I'm going to have the link to that in the downbar if you have any other questions about my jewelry or you know any of any tips like where to get your supplies and things like that I'll have that all listed in the blog post and i'll have that link down below and this is super easy because you don't need a bunch of fine means you don't need to invest a bunch of money and you know all these different parts and things it's just a few basic jewelry making tools and wire that is it so let's go ahead and get started for today's tutorial we're going to be making a classic pair of rose gold filled hoops just like these although today i think i'm going to go a little bit bigger but i'm gonna show you how to make any size hoops you want so let's go ahead and get started the first thing you're going to need is wire so to choose your wire i always recommend choosing either a 16-gauge 18 or 20 gauge those are the main engages of wire that I like to use for making nice sturdy hoops now just keep in mind that the higher the number the thinner the wire so I'm right in between real gold earrings here 18-gauge goes to that you're pretty easily so what I'm going to do is take a round item and i'm gonna be using this little ginger spice sorry it's just a glass jar and that's basically the size that I want to make you know the diameter that I want my hopes to be we're going to use this to have been our wire around but before I do that I'm gonna go ahead and measure out two pieces of wire here so usually i will just eyeball one piece decide how long I want it and go from there but if it's easier for you you can take a measuring tape and that way you'll know every time what size you want to make so I'm just going to measure out about six and a half inches i think that's about how long I'd like to make the pair today and i'm going to take my nippers here just some wire cutters will do get those at home depot lowes jewelry supplies stores the ones I use our for specifically jewelry making so I have my piece of wire and i'm just going to line it up again and cut a second piece to that same size next you're going to need a pair of round nose pliers and we're going to create a little loop on the end just like so if you can see that so we're just going to be working on this in first so I'm just going to take one of my pieces of wire take my round nose pliers and just grab the in there really tightly and just curl it around ok so it's gonna look like that and then give it a little curl back just to straighten it out of it right and then repeat that on the other piece so your wife should look like this now you have an open end and then the end with the two loops so next we're gonna go ahead and shape our wire so that's where my little ginger spice container comes in and again you can use any sort of item you can find around the house that surround the kind of has close to the diameter of areas that you want and I'm basically just going to bend the wire all the way around and just pressing that can give it shape just as in down and then repeat on the second piece now you should have two fairly uniform pieces of wire and don't forget that you can customize the size of your hoops just by choosing a different diameter of items that you're going to be wrapping your wire around so if you want smaller hoops just choose a smaller diameter item and just cut a little bit less wire and if you want a larger you know size hoop then you would choose a larger item and just get a little extra wire so it's really really simple so the next step we're going to move onto is shaping the other end here so we're going to just hold both of our pieces of wire together we're going to line them up so both those ends are going to be perfectly lined up there i'm going to take my flat nose pliers and we're just going to go ahead and get these a little pinch so we're going to pinch them about a quarter inch to a half inch it's up to you how how long you want this part this is the part that's going to be going through your ear so we're just going to bend that back just like that this is going to have a slight bend now on the end would be the loops I'm gonna take my flat nose pliers and just give those loops a very very slight Bend and it's not gonna be that noticeable but it is going to help when we go to close our earrings next we need to sand the sharp ends here because remember we cut the wire so they may have a little bit of poking asst there and we don't want that going through our ears still i'm using a hundred fifty grit sandpaper and take down any sharp edges just create a nice soft round and now we're gonna be giving our hoops a bit of shape so we're going to be hammering out from about here all the way around we're just going to avoid the top areas we won't need to do those because of the price is going to be going to the year but we do want to give a little extra shape and texture so it doesn't just look like a plain old water going through your ear and it's also gonna turn up the wire so blessed to come to finding out of shape what i'm gonna be using state is the camera so it's got two sides here this side is going to be for flattening and flaring out the wire once we've gotten off the roof we're going to switch sides here at the Hammers when using deciding how to give it to you after a marine you can see that they're bit flatter now and they have a hammer texture to them it just gives a little bit of flash which is just really classy and beautiful in the air now I'm we left the top here so those are still out there you know regular round wire so it still goes to the ear very easily right here and let's go ahead and just check them out usually after hammering they will need a little bit of tweaking you might need to you know just kind of been them or shape them a little bit more by hand but it looks like these turn dollars pretty well the first time around and now you have your own pair of classy rose gold filled hoops that would cost a small fortune in the stores and you're able to customize the size and if you want them textured or not textured so i hope you guys liked the tutorial hopefully you found it helpful and I hope you'll give it a try I just think the hoops are so much fun they're so classy and these are so easy to make too so it's just it's just a classic staple in your jewelry collection and they just seem to spice up any outfit just so nicely and especially for summertime I don't know what it is summertime just really gets me into my hoop earrings again every time it comes around so I hope you guys enjoyed and again I will have my blog post down below they already have written up so there's any you need any tips on where to find supplies or if you want any more information about my jewelry it will all be on my blog post and I think that's everything so have fun jewelry making thank you guys so much for watching and I shall see in the next video. Gold Earrings
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