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Michael Kors Handbags

Hi, I’m Olivia. Welcome to External Christmas! Michael Kors bags are my favorite, and make an awesome gift for Valentines Day, a Birthday, or even Christmas. It's a gift symbolic of your love and gives her a great feeling when she wears it. If you’re thinking about getting a pair for yourself or as a gift, you may have some questions before getting them. Watch the video above and then click here to head over to Amazon to see the best selection online.

Video Transcript

I want to introduce you to my first video the first video that I'm gonna be doing is going to be my michael kors handbag collection so let me get started with a few handbags total michael kors handbags i have our 16 so let me go through each one so let me get started one of the first handbags i'm going to show you it's not in order so it's not by first purchase or last purchase or anything and this is michael kors backpack in the going blank on the name of the color the model Merlot color believe it's that soft leather with gold does the bottom has a zipper pocket down here which I don't really use make sure to have never used it another zip pocket here a little bit stuffing in there and then another super to the main compartment which is a bunch of stuffing i  bought this guy actually at TJ maxx about two months ago believe they wanted a backpack maybe it's like the current latest trend but that's what the inside looks like as a key fob zipper pocket you can see slip pocket and then two other slip pockets here don't know if you can see that or not but it has actually carry a lot finally I carry a lot in my handbag ridiculous that i carry one of my next video I'll probably do like it's in my handbag that I do switch on my hand to three times a week so kind of work could never know what you're gonna get you chose those handbags that's not one no fee at the bottom unfortunately it is does back so let me you guys now I do have a you say I do have an addiction to handbags obsess i love handbags I closely by handbags and find out if i'm currently not using it or into anymore all sell it either on poshmark or trait Tracy I think it's cold so that's that bag out of the way the next bag this one's the Col color with silver hardware studs this one I'm actually selling this one I bought this past March I believe 2016 it has a little longer strap adjustable I currently keep it on the shortest actually 51 so the reason why keeping the shortest you see how the feet at the bottom my favorite part about handbags of the feet because it protects the bottom when you put it down anywhere as the top zipper this one is the michael kors selma medium-sized stuffing I keep all my handbag stuff to keep its shape everybody wanna show you something have stuffing a dust bag you'll see here has a zipper pocket and let you know to want to go in the first bag i do keep the tags and then because if I do sell it comes in handy and a little care booklet so I keep these in my bag on and every single one actually might not have like I wanted to do was play with the first like jagger to that i bought originally but you see slip pockets and the michael kors handbags are not the only ones i own i do also own camburg case they coach overtone long song on one more very bag and it own like oh I do own a Ralph Lauren wanna Ralph I want a couple ralph lauren's a nice old actually not about ISIL i bought two and i saw one of I still have one which i actually forgot hard and turn on naming the name of the bags they have I also like not like like non leather bags but I can't see non-leather because louboutin and tuning Burke my own are not leather there Candace but they do have the leather trim but I don't like that see Johnson like target bags and I don't know bags that i bought like $MONEY at target or wherever but that's the second bag so it's to the next bag i'm gonna show you show you the little smaller ones these don't have dust bags these is a little small crossbody he has a longer strap and you can see I keep it on the shortest and this one has little little studs they're not like that other stuff like my first two bags these are kinda like smaller little balls and let's see if it is to say it that way but whatever and black leather soft leather forgot the other one I was showing you nobody's mentioned to the coral bags i showed you before is Saffiano leather this is more of a softer leather it has a top zipper course in sidestepped as well and let me know when I buy the handbag actually buy them all on sale ever once they don't ever but i usually don't pay full retail path retail price for handbags i buy them usually I got me caes i buy them like at dillards Lauren Taylor going blank i can think of other places bloomingdale's I think those are the locations that have actually bought michael kors handbags on sale you can see how is little slip pocket and on the other side you can see the zipper pocket and this has the tag so the original price tag and a little care card it's a pretty good sized bag if you like small bags but to be honest i really am NOT a small bag person I want to be very less but my search very small bags I feel like I'm losing something we're missing something or whatever and I just switch back to a bigger bag but that's the third bag the next thing I'm going to show you another small cost body died this one's in the fuchsia color with silver hardware know feat I didn't forget to mention one thing this one did not happy at all either unfortunately so it's like putting on the flourish and imaging night well so this one I bought I want to see about a little bit over a year year-and-a-half ago i bought it before i went to New York last year in july for my birthday and I want a small crossbody bag i have the stuffy this actually is not part of the bag it's one of the michael kors logo like plastic that can one of my handbags I want to suffocate don't know what I did without the keyword stuffing when i bought it i bought it at a really good rayon dealer's website and communities these are the ones I actually putting yourself this one has the pocket you can see and two slip pockets this one I don't know what I do with the price tag now that I'm looking at it surprise I wonder if I have it some rope else actually kind of talk I don't hide talking about the bag was actually online when i bought it through dillards i bought it for like fifty dollars and I think these retail for about $MONEY I'm going blank between 140 to 160 you can quote me on that split the price range breathe retail price so i bought this is about 50 60 bucks we bought at Dillard no tax crazy it was like some crazy do I got it so that's the fourth bag next bag actually you're going to see you've already saw bag very similar to this one different color this one is in the electric blue actually now I want to do is win electric blue is a sapphire but it's not sapphire it's the same as the core one that I showed you my second bag this is I bought them at the same time I did the back president I want to say about within a week or two apart they're both on sale and i bought them on these website the coral i believe i bought second the blue one which is i believe you i have to double-check the pricing you mean the pricing the color this is my block first I was like enough i go through phases run right into a color i will tell you the color for sure it is electric glue and if you can tell or not that's the price tied the desk the care card it stopped course i'm gonna show you the whole thing's already showed you the coral color but this is there about a week or so apart both silver hardware studs bottom of the beef love feat this one honestly I don't use it as often it's actually kind of small for me surprisingly i decide to carry a lot i have to show you at the end of the video i'll see i'll show you my current bag i'm using which is not a Michael Kors i'm actually currently using a dooney and bourke it's the zip satchel and meant when you buy bags and like okay sorry my camera had died so i had to charge it for a bit before you start recording again so going back to my handbags i had already showed you one two three four five bags i believe ya bag sorry so now i'm gonna go into my next bag so i'm going to describe the next one so this one is I can feel it it's the Hamilton sexual and fuchsia with silver hardware this one I'm actually planning on selling is I don't use the bag anymore i bought this bag about a year a little bit over a year ago i'm in July yeah july so over a year and a half ago so as you can see it has the silver hardware the silver lock and then the key hit in this little leather pouch see in this you can mount the key which I don't do that but you can if you want to if you just do that and locks it then we can get the kids and unlock then you can open this up which and want to do that actually had the pearl gray in this bag before and I bought that one cannot exactly my body but I'm fine it's fine it actually sold it about oh I almost want to say almost two weeks ago but I did that with this here to about the law to expand its like a bit more but it is kind of funny like this like it's now so we put that back close that gap again so we're trying to figure out this way to put the look back on hopefully that works sorry guys I great now I have to unlock it i locked in an accident this piece see let's put that key back straight inside and stuff so it's the same as the mostly the same but it's very similar to the michael kors selma the medium Selma because it has the same compartment and so you have a visitor parking market there you can see and it has a price tag and I care card to slip pockets there you can see so and then the key fob it's pretty spacious one thing to decide this little leather strap that has a little magnetic magnetic closure put that back it was the baby is all this bag but haven't used in a bit thinking what might as well get rid of it on this one does have the feet at the bottom course and then with this drop is not removable it's chained together actually love like this is actually my favorite part of the bag of the change is so pretty going as i'm showing my handbags you actually see some that are very similar you'll see what I'm talking about once i get through the handbags put that one away so this is my six-pack sorry that i'm going to make sure to put back in its dust bag properly is shifted next 10 grand actually this lens is another Hamilton this one of the top version this is the software actually this is i think my first handbag perches i bought this one 2013 i believe it was like in january so this already . on my god three years going on for in January wow this is the older style dustbag you can see this one had like that tan color with the MK logo versus the ring this is the soft leather Hamilton tow the luggage color with gold hardware i found love with this bag when i first bought it was more structured but after wear and tear and still stirring slouch and debate on some of this one but I can't get rid of my win my first bags this one is not have the leather strap is just some magnetic closure without the leather strap I kind of like the leather straps idea because it like it some more depth like warm room and see at the bottom same with the strap it's not removable the lock in the key so you'll see here the key market of the log it is what the other one we get the idea this one compared to the saccule guys will get more compartment sorry this stuffing box original stuffing I won't have the original price unfortunately I'm smart enough for a captive but see the thing is huge this one have a little more slot so you see observe pocket here the only thing i have is the care card which i couldn't know why not one of the price type and then you'll see here it has two other slip pockets a little small 1i usually put like a chapstick in here or my bluetooth headset with small local tips and I talked on and then another slip pocket but I put like ice my keys in here but on now i just put whatever i'm gonna wait endlessly now right and in other sites to slip pockets so Google this thing is huge I remember taking it on my first one i was sitting there like to travel to like LA and I live in California and living anywhere but i live in French one California about a five-hour drive to Southern California which is Ellie's but when I would go out there we take this guide to lug all my stuff you can see it's super solid fold it back up can have this back from this more years helping over get rid of this and love the style i love the way look the leather smells so good all my leather handbags these they have that leather smell and I try my best to keep them in good condition so is the 7d think seven fag track keep counting next I'm going to grab this one is actually a discontinued bag actually the 1i showed you the Hamilton is it just continued well the the top versions continued this one here is the Hamilton travel bag i believe it's called this one's the I think it's the large think they had a medium and a large I look at the tag incite side to see which is this is this is a softer leather it is kind of a little bit structure it has the feet at the bottom the little off this one has a little baby lock out when i consider when I say baby actually little but I referred everything is baby like this whatever and then you lock and key so you see the lucky this one actually i have opened it and kind of do that little one such a little bit it looked ok whatever this one has a removable strap I don't want to call it the a crossbody because I don't yeah you could I go with that again 51 so i click on the shorter strap zipper on top which i love i love for bags stuffed and i'll tell you once i get into the bag with the exact me so this one is very similar to the Hamilton on tote I said because it has exactly in pockets supermarket which I will show you the tank so this was actually a lot more I didn't realize yeah so this one's the Hamilton travel in black large traveler Wow 392 retail that i can remember the hamilton tote is $350 for the leather bags he was some more crazy so things are pocket this the same slip pockets black insights on if you can see it a little small slip pocket the little larger slip pocket other side to other side pockets so you know the key fault unofficially keep on but pretty much every michael kors handbag besides a little small crossbody bag all have a key fob I don't ever use and I tried using it from I don't know I swear my keys just thrown in there and I don't like it and I used to put my keys in the bigger slot bigger couch by the under the zipper but I'm i recently ok sorry my battery had died again well not really but it kinda like pause my videos so actually I want to show you my next handbag which actually the bag prior to this with skip so all show you this one go back to the one prior so this one is the luggage color I think it's the michael kors jet set east west I'll should always tell you for sure going inside the bag on have a little class up the little bag charm meet at the bottom is actually really nice guy just don't use it also should but the straps are kind of in which they can refer you coming to shoulder anyways let me go through the bag this would have a middle compartment super compartment so you can put whatever this actually bag holds water my stuff which i actually like a lot i'm sure you'll click zipper course on a cough drop huh sometimes I leave stuff in there you'd be surprised this one is the jet set travel large east west tote and luggage benefit focus or not i'm not even sure honestly we see people doing this and I don't know if I'm doing that right or not retails for 278 didn't pay that much until i get my bags on so the slip pocket again seems the pocket the same here i'm going to go through these kind with a little bit with the bags will be very similar once they go through so sorry fight if you want to do more of it tell you just let me know I'm kind of going through them really really quickly I'm the next thing I'm going to show you is a bag that i already showed you before in a different color i'm gonna show you actually tell you what you like this this is the bag unfortunately with skip not this one sorry that's the one we went back to my handbag review I'm not review my handbag collection sorry this one's the black michael kors hamilton tote i already showed you the luggage color this was in the software on a leather it's the same thing is just in a more structure leather even though it's kind of smoking a little bit in the front and in the back you can see but has the feet and has the same lock the key the the little longer strap with the gold hardware see the gold chain and this one has same as the magnetic closure as you can see i'm not going to show you the inside of it because you already saw with the other one look like so you have an idea I'm gonna go on to the next bags up and down that so that as of right now I showed you a total of ten bags think yeah 10 bags like a missing somebody ok next bag going to is this michael kors this is the navy blue and this large selma with the gold grommets as you can see here this when they actually just continue they actually don't make the large so many more actually like this bag of water i was debating if I should sell this one but I changed my mind so going to keep it the goal be at the bottom i knows a little something on there but this one's a little bit different in the medium so much that i showed you on the other to the ones that are the coral color in the electric blue this one has the top zip pocket with removable strap see I'm stuffing this little bit more pockets compared to the medium-sized that's actually why i like this bag little bit more it's like that it's kind of like the hamilton tote with the zipper pocket with the tags this one actually got on sale and no I mean I probably got another disk I'm off of it like twenty to twenty-five percent of that pricing as well retails I can't really exactly see it's 420 dollars oh my god it was on sale for 325 dollars and I believe I'm pretty sure I save twenty twenty-five percent off of me about this band practice back party two years four or more and slip pocket there another slip one there and then the two slip pockets on the side actually one of the reasons why i love michael kors because they have so many pockets of some more energy more organized you want to the next one and it just want to have the old-style desperate as you can see i kinda like I wish there was a media of in-between bag versus the large in the medium like a a new larger knew me and something like that because I the medium I feel like it's too small for me but the largest kind of a little bit too big you want the happy medium but this style is so pretty ok on to the next one down somewhere next bag this is actually another maybe color bag this is the michael kors jet that multi-function travel to i believe i think i have to double check the tag the charming the front this one has no feet as you can see it's stuffed really big and have all the compartments in this life zipper pocket here i'll tell you the exact name a jet set travel a medium multifunction tote genuine leather in needy retails for 298 I got it on sale and I guess I must have rethought the price the sold price on this was probably twenty-five percent off plus another twenty twenty-five percent off from the from the animals original price because it's not fifty percent of it you can sing and middle compartment zipper you can put your laptop in here i did use this for school beginning of the year to this year from my spring semester so tell you something here let me show you sorry another side slip pocket here for like a smaller ipad like an ipad mini nothing regular ipad air no air and ipad air might fit the regular size not sure to slit pockets here this is a nice bag but the other tools that i showed you the luggage color in the east-west large tote Jessica tote their nice totes but the straps this one's the straps on this was a little bit thicker which I actually like better than the other one but just not i was in that old person but it's just they start to hurt after a while I don't know even though like i used the cross the longer the longest drops a lot of my statues but whatever caused me some more stuff and physical missing border but whatever on to the next one like oh that's what like what like I'm not showing you all my have to after the ones i'm gonna show you my bed there's two other michael kors bags i actually put away earlier because there's a little bit bigger than the smaller crossbody bags i'll show that the next time i'm gonna show you this one's one of my favorites this is in the raspberry color with gold hardware this is michael kors medium medium second that incident we want to call it I call the side it has the double zips on top it's very similar to prada prada i forgot the name of it the prada bag I can't think of a name exactly luck stowed I think I can't exactly what they had different version of the double zip and they have with I can't exactly but has a magnetic leather strap and in there has a little bag time I don't really care for this one actually is by actually take it off so whatever what I like about this bag is like this actually is the perfect size in general everything it's bigger than the medium Selma smaller than the large selma i actually used to own this exact bag not exactly the style in the program large the large was way too big i had it i sold it and i had for like less than a year and i sold about i want to say probably sold it close to a year ago from now I mean year from now or a year ago sorry so this one is be at the bottom we show you the inside stepping out until I don't know if he knows i have a few bright colors you can see same pocket as most of the michael kors of bigger bags the slot slip pocket the zipper this one retails for 320 eat she can see I don't know if you can see that or not and then the slip pockets on the other side what I like about this is that when i do carry like any like male or female but papers or anything i actually put them in the slip pockets and sometimes i'm carrying my ipad mini and I'll throw it in there as well too so this one actually is a pretty my opinion is a good-sized the satchel so you can have the little handles and then you have a longer strap which again I keep it on the shortest length of this one of my finger hurts the side and everything is like the perfect the only things wine and the crop and I'm i like zipper bags like the more protected out this one for sure you have the the Bizon decide to send shit to see you see how you see it's instant I noticed this one comes undone a lot you can undo it and change the shape of the bag a little bit so if you have it clues this one has a little bit as you can see this when I i probably will never get rid of this guy the color so pretty raspberry I actually have fought when I bought this bag i bought this one at Michael Kors site on sale i got it i remember from 320 and going on so for two hundred dollars and I'm gonna find the fuchsia color gold hardware i bought that I bought the future color at macys on sale to forget how much exactly that one was when i bought it on sale but i have them both on the same time I was also in return one but i was debating which one I actually had a pause in between and grab the other to my core bag that had all over those last mr. the next one this one you've already your you saw this one not exactly but the same color just different hardware michael kors hamilton tote with the silver hardware in black this one's so nice i was a baby I should sell it i'm debating if I should or not I don't use it often i probably should now that it's becoming we're going to we're already and fall going into winter so we're hardware this one actually has pleased to see it's little more structure this one has the leather strap with the magnet this one I actually like a lot because of this piece because it gives it more of a structure versus my black and gold without that piece for its attention more or not it's closed more and then it's like slouching in the front and the back but it's the same saffiano leather silver hardware the market rate inside again telling us exactly one as the the luggage color soft leather the same one as the Saffiano black with gold hardware just go in different site and it has this leather strap and the interior its flap stuffing pit but i bought this one I'm so they don't make this way anymore actually they'll make this color I spot it for about two dollars at macys retails for 358 i did see the other day that Michael course website is reselling the same bag but in a different color i think it's like a pinkish like a pale pink or baby pink with gold hardware for 214 dollars so i don't know if they're bringing it back or they're just trying to phase out the prior colors they had so I don't know but that's what I'm going to celebrate or not because once i do i'm scared that won't be able to rebook purchase it or I'll regret it so that's that bag onto that brings me at 1234 14 bag they showed you already lost too I had grabbed these because i forgot to put these away is there a little bit smaller crossbody bags that have the dust bag this one got a lot of little dirty because I took it to the LA with me when I went about two weekends ago i had $MONEY in my luggage what happened how I got the dust bag dirty it this one definitely not going to be something because the dust bag already dirty and it's the it's the michael kors selma messenger bag doesn't have the top handles it's in the dark green color with the gold studs really pretty i bought this one myself macy's website this retails for actual number exactly what your retail i can remember pain between a hundred and twenty 240 around there and has a stuffy sure it looks like this one actually use quite I don't say quite often but i use it when i go to overhear something like this light is not used two weeks ago and so what the heck out of here and here and like stuff that's not gonna clean this bag out because it was and how much harder you got the pocket which I'm just noticing i left my necklace in there so I'm gonna put that away and i have receipts i actually went to Disneyland two weekends ago and I don't know why is the price tag ripped off huh now i only know the retail it's the Selma stud dark dude media messenger leather which the prices ripped off from kind of upset because 10 the retail the care card and I have some receipts Rob disneyland i don't know if you can see Disneyland Disneyland and yes on the side and put it away but not only has the zipper pocket I like she like this bag a lot for want to go to Disneyland because it's it's nice crossbody it it pretty spacious enough to hold your necessities me with a park like your cell phone hand sanitizer your small little like card case for your cards I credit card ID debit card I can wipe sometimes with me I also carry a portable portable charger and USB cord and now carrying my camera that when i'm recording on think I don't really use it i used mostly use my phone but that's what I carry it all very like napkins when I go to little when i go eat somewhere grab a bunch of napkins and throwing my personal this bag comes in handy course see the shortest length actually like this back wall like I actually bought this bag and the same color dark doings does in the medium satchel i bought from the same time but I didn't return here because I it was really unnecessary for me to have both bags of the time it's kind of ridiculous because i have the the electric blue and the coral color with the silver hardware but absolutely into the reason why because i have a friend of mine that has the same bag to sounds like me copy and put them back and I'm gonna show you the last bag and they're not going my favorites or anything like that story window so it up here and i'm gonna show you the last one this one has a Michael Kors I don't remember the name i look at the name it's in luggage soft leather gold hardware actually has a little tassel just keep little bag charm and this current stopped in our but there's another strapped inside i actually stepped inside the longer crossbody see if you can see shortest wrap this one actually bought a year-and-a-half ago actually so the dark doing one that I just showed you that when I bought this year i think it was in March before i purchase the electric februari March before i purchased the electric blue and the coral color bags about the dark dude i bought both darkens and return the the others one but this one I bought over a year ago and i bought this specifically for using their have the zipper here where you can put stuff in here Missy but make sure things in there so you'll see you there when I did when I to disneyland before I used to put the napkins in there and stuff the second out this is actually a good size too like it's so slow watching so soft the only thing is that this strap sorry this drop is a little bit longer than the other one in my opinion like it's like it's too long anyways inside you see here it has a zipper which i will tell you the need this is called the bedford bedford luggage medium tassel convertible shoulder leather retails for 298 i actually bought the IRA bind this when i bought it twenty-five percent off the original price i bought this and I believe a wallet at the same time when I pardon me sees you have that in their key fob and then here you have another magnetic closure which is kind of cool you can put your card in here what I don't I would forget i like hearing a little small little card thing from card case you'll see in there you can put up to six cars 1 2 3 4 6 yet and then there's 72 solution actually come in handy prism that back so that brings me to I 16 thanks so careful about 116 bags cars ridiculous and i'm not showing this video to brag or anything just let people know it's just there these are the kind of girls i actually enjoy watching I actually do my research before i buy a handbag actually watch youtube videos to get reviews and find out what it looks like and i just want to show you the current collection my own mess yep so is my michael kors collection I've owned many more i just sold quite a few and they told you print preview sleep but that brings me down to 16 bags but i hope you enjoy watching this video if you have any questions let me know if you want more full detail on the bags let me know i can do that i will probably doing a lot of handbag reviews in general so i'll be making a lot more handbag reviews and probably like collection of shoes and just whatever random videos i probably won't be all about doing makeup tutorials or hair tutorial because I'm not I'm not that great at it just quick makeup quick curling my hair. michael kors handbag
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