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Promise Rings


Promise Rings

Hi, I'm Olivia. Welcome to External Christmas! A Promise ring is a very popular gift these days. They're symbolic of your relationship and give you a great feeling when you where one. If you're thinking about getting one you may have some questions before getting one. Watch the video above and then click here to head over to Amazon to see my choice, and others from the best selection online.

Video Transcript

Hey guys today we're talking about promise rings purity rings and waiting so what do you guys think the significance of purity rings and promised wings are in this day and age well I think there's a difference between promise rings and purity ring's because I promises you promise with someone else like you both get reused what you're promising to each other and then a purity ring you're promising just to yourself that you're going to wait so I think they definitely have different meanings but they're both really important significant two different people for different reasons yeah and I feel like if you're going to get one like stick to it because i know a girl from high school she had a purity ring and then she got a boyfriend rip the ring off yeah I'm not lie mean i think it's it's a big commitment and like you should stick to it if you decide to get one absolutely agree yeah you don't want to just like throw it around loosely you want to make the decision together and just do it on a win yeah but it's also highly personal decision if it's a purity ring it's entirely about yourself you know it's all that with you think you're ready to wait for me anyway you know gonna wait for marriage because of religion or just a personal reason yeah whatever it is you to figure it out before you commit to something that big and I feel like if you're gonna commit to something like that then just like just worry about yourself don't worry about what your friends are doing because if that's truly your opinion and you want to wait till marriage then just wait till marriage yeah it has to be about yourself you haven't anyone else is coming after you have to because because you like a hundred percent believe that as well yeah so have you guys ever been asked by anyone to get a promise ring me by your boyfriend or something I really yeah well i mean i guess you could say asked it's more like I just want jewelry so it's like I guess it could do it like I'm kidding i really do love him but it's a pre-engagement ring so it's not supposed to be something where it's like blue getting married eight months let me plan my wedding last time I like how yeah it's kind of a thing for if you're in college or I don't know if you're just like a student or you know you're still working on your career whatever it is but you know this person is your soul mate you can commit to them without saying alright so we're gonna have our venue in you know calabaza candida you know it's like it's more of a thing where you can say this is going to happen but we just have to wait a little while so I don't think it's it's not as severe as an engagement but it is like a huge commitment so I grew up I haven't talked about it but like I could see myself getting one in a few years like you have to make sure it's with the right person I just don't want to get it with like a boyfriend like 9th grade yeah lover yeah so how do you think you make that decision to get a purity ring like for yourself to wait until marriage I think that first offer some people have lots to do with religion and even if it doesn't it's still something really personal I think you should definitely see where your life is headed like if you have a really big dream of career goals and you're like this big strong independent woman you like that I would want to think about where my life is headed and what promises and goals I have for myself and then you kind of have to just go along your journey and grow as a person then decided that's what i really want I think there's a lot of factors that way into it but a lot of your personal life your family life your spiritual like there's a lot of factors so it is a tough decision feel like it also has a lot to do with maturity to ya if you're able to be around friends that like are doing different things and you're like okay like I really just want to wait until marriage I think you are ready for it because there's gonna be a lot of temptation and if you're not able to be like around friends that are doing two different things and you just are like you know what I don't want to be I don't want to wait till marriage anymore and I don't think you're ready for that that's because big deal especially with society today and what's the norm the goal is to be attainable you don't know that you can actually do it so yeah i know i remember i didn't really know what it was until I saw the Jonas brothers were doing a little it was this huge huge thing and I just think it's so weird that it was such a controversial thing when it was such a positive message and they all really were into it was something so personal for them but they were living in the spotlight which sucks because we said it's a really personal decision and they're dealing with everyone being like why are you doing this but um I don't Kevin Jones got married and I know the other two eventually stopped wearing them they said it was just for personal reasons and they were growing but that's totally respectable and just something personal just they happen to be the Jonas Brothers show everyone what was going on though so we want to know what you guys think so let us know in the comments below and make sure you subscribe for more episodes that i am out your beautiful we don't deserve you our friends are never gonna believe us we have to convince them that it actually happens is like tell bag holder what happened but actually couple of words I'm not gonna say right now I want to hear people say it i just say that word like yeah rose and because when they started yeah baby. promise rings
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