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Silk Pajamas for Women


Silky Satin Pajama Set

Video Transcript

Hi everyone today I'm going to show you how to make this silky satin can be in shorts the drama set I saw these pajama set sold at asos and I've seen pictures all over social media and I wanted to see if we can make it and so here's the tutorial instead of going to the craft store to get my fabric I went to the thrift store instead I thought it was going to be keeping it was I got this big pajama top for two dollars and fifty cents and so this video is going to be a DIY a la couleur papa if you guys haven't seen her videos go and watch them I love a video she's so talented anyway to get started I decided to use the sleeves for the top and I tried to seam rip it took forever so I went at it with my scissors instead and after that I also cut off the sleeves seems i used the shirt that I already owned to make a pattern and if i were to create another one of these steps I would extend the triangles higher and make the top flowy and as you can see the cami was a bit boxy I actually had to take in the sights more kids it was too wide but then I took in too much then i have to add more fabric because i wasn't able to get it past my shoulders and it was nice anyway I decided that 10 inches was a good length and i added a half inch seam allowance to my pattern I also traced the back and I use my friend pattern piece as a template by marking the armpit area and the bottom for the height of the back piece I laid out a piece of tissue paper before laying the fabric because it helps to keep the slippery fabric in place as you cut and I find it best to use a rotary cutter so the fabric doesn't shift while you're trying to cut it and it is much faster but if you don't have one it's fine you're just going to have to be more careful with your cutting and I also cut out the back piece he's a missing method after that I place them right sides together and sew down the sides using a straight stitch for the straps I cut out a strip that's one inch wide and i recommend just making like a really long piece and then cutting it down to size next I fold the strip and half lengthwise with the right sides together and sew using a straight stitch to turn it inside out cold one and a little bit and snap the corner away from the seam allowance and then insert a bobby pin with the way b-side on the inside and then insert the straight side through the whole like what I'm doing here then start pulling the fabric over the pin and feeding the pin through the tube until you reach the other side yeah I decided to add a facing to my top so i took be the drama top again and cut off the side and shoulders scenes then I cut around the neck band and I use the front of the shirt for the facing I traced the top of the pattern pieces with chalk on the wrong side and then I cut it out I also cut them down to the height that I wanted for the facing which was about two inches and I so the two facing pieces right sides together using a straight stitch then with a candy inside out slip the facing piece into it so that the right sides are together just like this now this is the tricky part to attach the straps place one end in between the front kami piece and it's facing at the point of the neckline in that and do it to the other side and then take the other end open of the straps and sandwich it between the back piece and it's facing and then do it to the other strap hopefully you can see what I'm doing here and so around the top of the Kami using a straight stitch and after sowing snip along the seam allowance of any curved edge and also the point of the triangles which I forgot to do but do that and you can also use a zig-zag stitch to prevent the freeing of the seam allowances and so after you do that hand was facing by folding the seam allowance twice a quarter of an inch towards the wrong side and then so a top stitch about a quarter of an inch from the edge for the shorts i cut the back of the pajama top and half width wise and I just use my shorts pattern for my t-shirt rocker video I fold it down the pattern pieces and inch and a half at the least so that it's not sitting high up on my body when cutting the shorts pieces and make sure that the two pieces mirror each other so I cut up the first piece and then I flip the pattern over and then cut out the second piece next so along the curves using a straight stitch right sides together i also used a zig-zag stitch on the curves and also the waistband and like holes to prevent fraying now cut a piece of elastic that fits comfortably around you and so the ends together using a zig-zag stitch next quarter it with pins by folding it in half then marching the folds of pins and then folding it have the other way so the previous pins lineup and marking the fold again with pain quarter the short as well using the front and back scenes as a guideline then sew the elastic to the shorts by lining up the first pin and sewing it while you stretch the elastic to the next pin sig stitch to attach only the fabric on one side and then the elastic on the other just like this after that fold it over and stretch it as you saw the band using a straight stitch then so the crotch part and so easy exact stitch on the seam allowance to prevent frame and then handle like holes the way we have bikini I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you do make this please at me on instagram and i'll see you guys next time. 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Pajamas for Women

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