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How Many Crunches Burn Belly Fat?

Crunches to lose belly fat?

Video Transcript

Crunches belly fat, exercises to lose belly fat fast exercises to lose belly fat for men exercise to lose belly fat in 1 week exercise to reduce belly fat with pictures exercise to reduce belly and hips stomach exercises for men belly fat diet belly fat burner pills crunches abdominal belly fat belly fat crunch crunches belly fat, stomach exercises to lose fast for men exercise to lose in 1 week. Exercise to reduce with pictures and hips. Diet burner pills. Yeah hey there my name's Daniel extern here today to show you how to do a crunch to lose belly fat losing value fat is not only important to be fit but also important because it puts you at high risk for heart disease cancer and more this first exercise is a spider-man crunch going in your plank position on your elbows and bring your knee to meet your ear alternating legs this works the obliques York or an entire lab area next exercise is a bicycle crunch a flat on your back bring your elbow to your knee and alternate working those obliques and visualize each muscle working as you really reach through the exercise bring your opposite arm to your knee and switching and it's important don't forget to incorporate cardio into your crunch routine do this by interval sprints

If you're interested in losing belly fat, the Beach Body program combined with Dr. Ian Smith's diet are great.