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How Many Inches Of Belly Fat Can You Lose In A Month?

How many inches can you lose in a month? Here's a little motivational video for you- about “How I lose 50 pounds in 3 months”. You'll see the biggest keys that played into this large amount of weight lost in such a short period of time. Of course diet is the biggest factor, but exercise is a close second, and you also need some motivation and inspiration to get you through the tough days. If you really need to lose a large amount of weight, I recommend The Beta Switch for Women. I get commission if you purchase the program and I truly appreciate the help!

Video Transcript

How many inches can you lose in a month? Here we go don't be weird the run-up but below and can't talk up words woman English [Music] 270 pounds of life my weight-loss journey to lose 70 pounds if you guys are new to my channel you should definitely stick around and hit the subscribe button i post weekly weigh-in videos every Tuesday and weekly meal prep videos every Wednesday also i'm going to be going on tour soon so i will be traveling the country for the next year and a half and all will still trying to lose weight so if you guys are interested in doing a meet up with me and going for exercise or coffee or anything comment down below and let me know what city you're in or you can reach out to me on Instagram at 70 pounds of life on this week's weigh-in video it's going to be a really fun and different video I'm it's basically a celebration so I'm going to tell you guys how I lost 50 pounds in three months I'm going to update you guys on my progress photos so you'll see month one month too and 13 and then I'm also going to update you guys on how many inches I've lost but before we do that let's talk about how much weight I've lost this past week when i first started my weight-loss journey i weigh 250 2.8 pounds so last week I way 201 . nine pounds and this week why hundred and ninety nine point six pounds do you know how long it's been since I've been able to say the number one first in my weight this morning when I was riding out what I was going to talk about in my video i wrote down my weight and I'd like muscle memory row tattoo and I'm like no bitch you get to put a one there now because you're 119 hey so I've lost two . three pounds this week damn damn girl you get a high five so i lost a total of fifty 3.2 pounds brush off those pounds ok so let's go ahead and talk about how I lost 50 pounds in three months that first thing that I did was I focused in on one thing and that was my diet I didn't worry about exercising I knew that is I were to try and focus on exercise and diet at the same time i would get overwhelmed and I would probably give up because when I get overwhelmed I stop I just stopped trying another big part of how I lost 50 pounds is that I didn't let myself look too far ahead yes i know that my goal was 70 and that's the top of the hill I just didn't let myself focused too much on that I just focused on each pound as I was losing it and I focus on one step at a time and every step that I was taking towards that 70 pounds and before you know it I'm already more than halfway there the next thing that I did to lose my 50 pounds i drink an ass load of water yeah I drink like 90 ounces a day and I really feel like those the days that i didn't drink water the weight didn't come off as easily so they're not lying when they say drinking water helps you lose weight seriously just drink your water just shut up and do it you know the next thing that I did at which I only did this like halfway in so month-and-a-half in is I exercise so I worked out with a group called Texas fit chicks and if you guys are in taxes i highly recommend that you guys go and check them out because they are amazing it's all female i will link their website down below for you guys i know I've talked about accountability and inspiration a lot throughout my weight-loss journey on this channel this was a huge huge part of me and being successful and losing the 50 pounds I'm i was held accountable through YouTube it made me work harder because I knew that they were going to be people waiting to see how much weight I lost at the end of the week next his inspiration I i used other people for inspiration but i also use myself as inspiration and what I mean by that is I would use my progress photos when I would see a difference between month 1 and 12 photo I just got so inspired and it pushed me to keep going so i highly recommend you guys take progress photos because it's really going to help you see the changes in your body rather than just the number on the scale because sometimes the number on the scale doesn't move but you've lost mega inches this is the total amount of inches that I have lost off of my body since starting my weight-loss journey and this is 18 inches i mean i could use this as a headband though I've lost 18 inches in total so far ok guys now it's time for me to go ahead and show you guys my updated progress photos so i'm gonna go ahead and put them right here for you guys to look at I can't believe that I was that big and i know people always say that but I didn't feel like I was that big but looking at these photos i see how big i actually was I think at the time I was in denial a little bit i didn't let myself fully comprehend what i had done to my body and I think I had like a protective shield up and I thought you know it's not that but looking at it now I'm like wow like that that's really bad I'm so happy that I've come as far as I have been looking at these photos has really really helped me alright guys that's all that I have for this week's video i hope you guys enjoyed this video leave me a comment down below and let me know how your weight loss journey is going or if you guys have any questions for me or comments just let me know and leave it down below and before I leave I just want to thank each and every single one of you for watching my videos and watching this crazy girl blab on the internet about losing weight you guys have all been super inspiring and very motivational for me to keep moving forward to thank you all for all of your support and I love every single one of you that's all that I have I hope you guys enjoyed the video and i will guys tomorrow with my weekly meal prep. 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