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How Many Squats To Lose Belly Fat?

Video: How Many Squats to Burn Fat?

Video Transcript

This is fitness expert Kelly bouroullec and I will be helping explain your question about squats and whether or not they burn fat but before we really dig into this concept we have to first start with macro nutrients which is what your body uses as energy when you do an exercise session so there are three main types of macro nutrients carbs fat and protein so depending on the exercise that you do your body will use a different source or a combination of the sources so the trick is when you eat too much or you gain and consume too much energy from these sources then you will accumulate excess body fat unless you expend enough of those calories make teeth whiter so squads do help you burn fat and carbs primarily and as a result they will help you create a deficit in the total number of calories that you consumed so squats are fantastic exercise for also increasing your metabolic rate so you've got nothing to lose get up start doing some squats this is kelly bouroullec thank you for watching.squats lose fat
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