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How Much Belly Fat Do I Have Quiz?

What Causes Belly Fat?

Video Transcript

Hi this is dr. Berg the developer of the four body types I've got a book called the seven principles of fat burning where I described every body type what to eat how to exercise and what causes those problems in this short video I'm going to talk about what's really behind the belly fat type we call that the adrenal body type people are not just fat they have very different types of weight problems different types of fat and the way to solve it is to understand it so I want to talk about some of the causes of underlying belly fat let's start with the first one wrong eating for your body type the a dream body type does very well on a combination of higher protein and vegetables but here's the catch 22 if you ever check the urine on a adrenal case there tons and tons and tons of potassium is coming on the body so they need to consume lots of potassium so you might say bananas right bananas only have 400 milligrams you need 4700 day to you have to consume like 12 bananas today so instead and recommend at least seven cups of vegetables that will give you the potassium you need to really help replace the electrolytes the adrenal needs to get rid of belly fat ok so that those combinations were looked really good and we talked about the right exercise for your body type the adrenal cases or the belly fat cases do not do well with high-intensity should only be walking and just for like an hour a day that's all they need the next one would be on overtraining if you it's so easy if you look at the p90x insanity workouts the age of those people doing his workouts are usually like 1820 when you get the age 40 45 forget it you're going to hurt yourself you have to build up to it so when when when I see people that can't lose belly fat lot of times they're overtraining they're doing marathons they're doing bootcamps it's too much it's going to make things worse and then we talked about the burn body fat low potassium foods well that would be hide their craving salt well that's fine as long as you're consuming four times the amount of potassium as you are sodium can I talk about this my book we show you what foods are high in potassium or sodium so you can start eating those ratios poor an adequate sleep all of the fat i would say I'm sorry ninety percent of all the fat burning occurs when you're sleeping out during the day so the best time to sleep would be at ten o'clock if you go to bed at 12 you're missing the first wave of fat burning and you're never going to be able to burn fat like that so you need more sleep with the audrina body type dieting over craving or hungry dieting over cravings or hunger here's the thing if burn body fat you're cutting calories you're cutting nutrients you're gonna be hungry you're gonna starve the metabolism the adrenal is holding fat around your belly as a survival mechanism that's protecting you against starvation subdividing is a bad idea because cutting the calories is it sending signals to the body hold on to this that tighter then we get to protein consumption yes it's true that you need a little bit more protein with adrenal not too much but i would say between three and six ounces per meal poor enzyme conception that would have to do with some raw vs cooked if you are consuming too many cook vegetables you're gonna you're gonna kill off the nutrition it's going to be hard on the adrenals we need to have some raw to help build up the body hidden fluid retainers are msg hidden is modified food starch that's in all the Chinese restaurants it's in all the junk foods in the fast food places they have msg which causes a spike in insulin and fluid retention and then we have gland inhibitors that would be like all the chemicals like ass pertain in the artificial sweeteners you have alcohol things like that destroy the liver so it's not good to drink alcohol unless your doctor is recommending I'm just being sarcastic ok hidden sugars that would be in the bread pasta cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes muffins soda juice i have a glass of wine before bed frozen yogurt all that is hidden sugar and then we got high stress you want to it's ok to experience dressed as long as you've extracted during the way and you take time for yourself and you go for a walk and you get a massage or just relax if you just push your adrenal so much you just jacking up your cortisol or if you're stuck in a job that you don't like you're going to have to work on getting out of that job because it's just actively pumping out cortisol which is making belly fat and the last thing would be eating for calorie reduction and that for health it's not the calorie reduction reduction that's going to help you it's the nutrient enhancement in the calories that heals the metabolism ok so go ahead and apply some of these and I'll see in the next video. belly fat body type
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