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How Much Belly Fat Is Bad?

How Much Belly Fat is Bad?

Video Transcript

yeah so bad about belly fat the list of health risk hi to being overweight or seems to increase every year while losing weight can be challenging there are new compelling reasons to try to shed those extra pounds especially if they're around your middle what is belly fat scientists used to think that fact was a relatively passive substance it was simply stored energy but recent results suggest that fat cells are biologically active member rate is normal these hormones and chemicals keep you healthy however if you are overweight you have many more fat cells than a normal weight person and the cells are bigger these super-sized fat cells release more hormones and chemicals than your body needs especially if they constitute belly fat also known as versatile fact this flood of chemicals can take a toll on your help increasing your risk of heart disease diabetes stroke and even cancer bring in fact even the bring can be impacted by excessive abdominal fat extra belly fat also carries an increased risk for dementia and ask mama direct line to the liver what makes belly fat so much more dangerous then subcutaneous fact the kind that's on your hips and lower body visceral fat location makes it much more dangerous visceral fat is deep in the abdomen where it sounds critical organs including the liver glad that circulates to visceral fat dreams directly into the liver why are the portal mean by baby how can you tell if you have too much visceral fat for both women and men are tape measure is the best tool for assessing how much visceral fat you have if you are an average-sized woman a waist measurement of 35 inches or more is considered too much belly fat for most men always so comparing greater than 40 inches is cause for concern here's how to manage that eat less but eat well to lose weight you do need to reduce the amount of calories you take in but don't make too dramatic reduction it will slow down your metabolism and make it harder to lose weight instead decrease portion sizes and make healthy food choices it loves fresh vegetables and fruits along with lean protein make exercise a habit exercise is also critical if you want to share belly fat do some form of aerobic exercise fast walking jogging biking for an aerobic exercise class for at least 30 minutes a day if you smoke wit in addition to all the other health wrists smoking causes you to store more fat in your belly and try to reduce the amount of stress in your life the stress hormone cortisol is associated with mr. fat increase even in women who are not over raped get the right amount of sleep a five-year study showed that adults who slept less than five hours a night gain more visceral fat for more interesting videos subscribe to speak entry youtube channel. Belly fat bad
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