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How Much Belly Fat Is Normal and Too Much?

How Much Belly Fat is Too Much?

Video Transcript

dr. oz again here for parade now often I get asked by people what their goal weight should be i love to tell you but the truth is there's no Universal formula everybody's different tools like BMI were invented to take this new account but the real enemy is belly fat belly fat sits under our abdominal muscles and squeeze the kidneys raising your blood pressure also poisons the liver causing fat deposits to collect in this vital organ now here's what the omentum looks like she like sits there on top of other organs causing all kinds of troubles well one rule of thumb that can help you determine how much is too much is with this simple device a household measuring tape I want you wrap it around your torso at the belly but not down here at the waist then count there at your bellybutton just above the hips and wrapped all the way around my waist size is about 34 inches about 73 inches tall that's 6 feet 1 inch tall so I'm in the safe zone I height is more than twice my weight tried at home and see where you come out then come back to pray pick up some fat burning tips in this week ahead. how much belly fat
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