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How Much Belly Fat Should I Be Able To Pinch?

Body Fat on Female- How Much Belly Fat Should I Be Able To Pinch?

Video Transcript

hi I'm Bob short physical therapist friend physical therapy together we have the most famous physical therapist on the internet and alchemy of course but we already get a video on how to fit measure body fat on a male great was you over a surprisingly and now we're doing a video on how to measure body fat on a female using skinfold measurements there's other ways to do it you can use body of immersion in the water which is one of the more underwater version accurate accurate right so but it's expensive than they have the bod pod but the other one they have is the those electronic body fat testers and those are unreliable right easy to use but there are unreliable so this is the most reliable way that's inexpensive this is the sequoia marina soft sequoia fitness 4,000 body fat caliper i got $MONEY on amazon for 1195 I think it's excellent it got four . three out of five reviews for analysis there's like hundreds of reviews sharing and the the review a few negatives I saw her just somebody had trouble using a little why but abdominal I like about best is that spring-loaded brand which means it's going to be take away bye-bye assignment it's going to give burning foods the same amount to squeeze every how to lose belly fat in 3 days so it's going to be reliable right now on a male and a female what we do is three measurements because different people tend to burning exercises deposit their body fat different areas and sold by doing three measurements how to lose we get a more accurate of your overall body and three measurements are different locations yeah male to the female naturally right exactly and the reason you're going to do this in the first place even is is you want to see get a baseline where you're at now and then as you work out you want to see are you losing the weight that you're losing is losing muscle or using body fat sure anything you gain weight you gain muscle which is good in 3 days and you might be losing body fat gain weight like one way to reminder diet they gain weight they're getting depressed and if they did this they might be losing body fat and gaining muscle team analyzed right so that's a good thing so today we have Lonni our camera woman is going to come out here and not your life so you can flip that all right and what was the way we do it is we always have the person stand and we do three measurements with the woman there like so different than a man the first one is the basically the super iliac measurement and by the way again what I would i recommend with this as I did on the mail is to actually mark the areas with a pen or marker that way if you because what you should do is you really should do you do all three measurements and then you probably want to repeat all three measurements and maybe even do it a third time and take the average of the three if you really want to get if you really want to be accurate here so all right the first one listen you know what i want to show the second one first the reason i do that let's come up over the camera here and it doesn't matter what or yeah doesn't matter i want to make sure we can see it we see that yeah what you gonna do is here is her little let's turn this way here's the X where we're going to market halfway between the shoulder and the elbow what you want to do is pinch about two or three inches of skin and bring it together like that and this is a vertical one and right below the pinch about a quarter-inch you're going to go ahead and put the calipers and let them squeeze on the skin can you pull that down oh sure this yeah that's better because I'm again to three inches squeeze and I'm forming a mountaineer and halfway between the top of the mountain and the base of the mountain that's where I put the calipers so right below the pinch and squeeze and like that and you can see this is giving me a number of 14 you see that red turn out good ok go all right let's come back over here now alright still doing okay you want to write that down brand for cab i'll get it you're getting he's got a great memory alright this one is right above the hip bone this is the superb iliac crest here I mean iliac so right on right about this ball here you'll feel all right here right over just a little bit we got a text there I'm squeezing here again to three inches squeeze it together and let the caliper skin grab on and that is twenty on an email 18 what was the first bred 14-14 I'll get it Bob don't worry remember he doesn't have a good memory by all right we're going down now i will amaze you today for teenagers halfway between the hip and the knee in the mid thigh squeeze right on there i want i want to give lon little little thrill there 19 ok last one is 19 alright write that down and use a permanent marker on there did you don't worry about 19 19 now we've got to me out Bob ok you know your presenters for visit 28 inclusion in the ne 51 you want to take over the cameron also make sure we're looking at something alright 51 what all do at this point are yummy Lonnie alright well look at this point i give the reveal Lonnie's body fat and let's see 51 and Lonni did reveal re-create to us she's 48 so her body fat is only twenty-three percent for Oklahoma that's really God 13 excellent i'd have to look that up Lonnie but I'm guessing that's really on the low percentage for for female so excellent job all that for some something awesome way to go saw so I'll do at this point is output up either this chart or I'll put up a website that indicates where you can go to to put plug those three numbers in and and they'll give you your body fat percentage and then you can just track you know from now on and see how you're doing and also you're going to get that number to go down sure so you better believe it's really low already so alright thanks a lot for watching have a good time and be careful

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