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How To Lose Weight But Can’t Exercise?

How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

Video Transcript

I am fast with another video today and could be Eric Idle prob I'm talking to you guys about how to lose weight without exercise because not that I'm not going to give you thinking a well-planned realistic that actually work y'all lose weight without really trying and without the use of exercise that one of the number one person by it after all day long videos on my channel that brings me to this period i wanted to make a no I want to take maybe once a week or once every two weeks a question but I see my comments but I want to make a video topic moving around that question and stuff united believe your questions below on any of my weight loss videos from now also have a little late without exercise minor setback if your whole weight without trying or doing any exercise your diet definitely meet you always a science because calories in breadth of calories that you can be 1200 calories a day because that is the minimum you will be burning any also that is the minimum a woman can happen if you're a man watching this little bit more that we don't have in calorie expenditure everyday about it beauty science to it again if you guys wanting to beat a little more than that because of course you will burn extra calories start by eating smaller portions when I haven't made love my corset I was the little bit insane and exhale on your portion and measuring everything was measuring cup eating slightly small portion you are going to find it so much easier at my next up a little more exciting because and honestly I lovely and basically what i want to do is make sure they're going to eight to ten hours of sleep nice when you want to sleep your body go through a whole cycle and close-up of hormone regulation and so it really takes about eight to ten hours to completely go through this cycle alright well let me give you an actual scientific or 1 i'm gonna get all scientific with you the hormone cortisol is one of the hormone your body by Phillies during your sleep cycle and when your cortical is too high for example when you interrupted and not have the adequate time regulating hormones it slowly work at eleven down also makes you more haha great of course your time and you have left energy and of course when you're hungry eat all the long face but if you guys in our core development all those other four hands are going to be at Holy bassist and when you wake up your body's going to be an effective working machine which is what you needed to be absolutely i also wish that you want to burn or unhealthy food and more than a comment that's really high up especially if you live alone if you put those cookies that maybe you want to have one so we really high up and staring unacceptable place you're not gonna be that pressed to go decimate your have to be really trust to get them out of a party that place if you walk that and chances are you'll forget about them as well because during the week when you're opening your regular covers and going for food it's not scaring your face like eat me eat me so what outside outside atomized but one that if you guys have watched video many videos you know I like this and I drink a shit ton of water first of all we would stay humble service and i have the worst and Salinas your body is made up of mostly water so you need to stay hydrated and when you're dehydrated you actually go hungry if you go with your hungry got big talk about the water drinking way about 10 minutes and if you're still hungry then go ahead and snap i heard you talk about other videos to give you good healthy snack ideas but if you're not hungry you'll get the food also i really have to encourage you guys to drink ice water your body actually burn calories in order to metabolize ice-cold water because its so-called that your body have to burn energy and use energy in order to warm not water out the body temperature so after you drink up at way that you are burning after calories it's a no-brainer drink ice water you got a thread between 30 to 50 4 ounces of water i type of the higher-end and get dressed we're going to peel off that after while your body will get used to it and you will be on the toilet respective my neck and take up there whenever possible you want to trick your body into doing movements and working out those are technically not working out and doing exercise that you about that was always getting dumped into that elevator on the escalator take Affairs Unit four in the mall don't have maps later taste the fear because you're gonna get in that logo exercise and brands LOL few more calories without even trying and bad i'm not expected to pay a multi-vitamin and why do you think violence better than having diabetes say this amendment if your body is laughing and nutrients and minerals in one area and unable to regularly everything probably in order for you to lose weight so if you take a healthy vitamin every day or if you got a lot more fun and your doctor tells you that you were lost eight on vitamin C or a certain bitumen you don't have to take a multivitamin take back Desmond as you will really notice increased weight loss my last for you is to a boy eating on your phone or watching TV when you're distracted and maybe you're like scrolling through Instagram your phone are watching I really good episode of housewives are being withdrawn because like my nose specialist you know sometimes over eat because you're mindful eating when you have your mouth i'm making electronic free and i want to become your focus on one thing when you're full your body is going to realize that this fall and you're gonna stop eating where I figured the fact that you're going to miss that you that your photo you may seem to be heating for the sake of eating I don't know one thing you got a night that was my last test but some of the scale those obsessively they are so I asked all the time that they made myself about my weight loss journey and I swear to you guys it was maybe like once or twice every few months I just feel like it's not the only indicator of weight loss and it can also be very good cardigan I want you guys to look in America see how your body looks entire body changing and what do you make of yourself every week so you could be a physical representation of how your body's changing and I want you have to go buy her clothes are fitting so that all the main indicators of weight loss and if you have used the test is given you you will be within wait maybe like 20 pounds behind his back on the scale but if you'll see in a picture that you're looking better that your clothes are fitting that or you know it's a little something changes on your body that is the most motivating being and it's way better than what any number on the scale values favor and let me know what you think playback and diamond video helpful and if you guys think again and we practice allows like that i will be picking from them and I can only repeat what you guys put down below and thank you. 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