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3 HOURS Relaxing Music | Ambient Chillout | Balearic Summer Time


3 HOURS Relaxing Music | Ambient Chillout | Balearic Summer Time

83 The music video, directed by Guy Ritchie , portrays Madonna as an angry woman on a crime spree.
In the United Kingdom, “Music” peaked at number one on the UK Singles Chart 78 79 ” Don't Tell Me ” was released on November 21, 2000 as the second single from the album. ” Music ” was released as the lead single from the album on August 21, 2000 by Warner Bros. 60 On February 21, 2001, she performed “Music” at the 43rd Grammy Awards 61 For the performance, the stage had five giant video screens, which showed images from her career.
Accompanying musicians performing with Madonna were Mirwais Ahmadzaï on guitar and longtime backing singers Niki Haris and Donna DeLory 51 The costumes for the show and the set was designed by Dolce & Gabbana Songs performed included “Impressive Instant”, “Runaway Lover”, ” Don't Tell Me “, ” What It Feels Like for a Girl “, and ” Music “. In the performance of New York, she wore a T-shirt with ” Britney Spears ” written on it. 51 She then traveled to Europe to further promote the album. 47 She sported a five-carat diamond ring Ritchie gave her for her birthday, and a black T-shirt that read ” Snatch Coming Soon” promoting Ritchie's film, while Ritchie promoted Madonna's album wearing a T-shirt with the word Music emblazoned on it. 48 Among those who attended the party were Sheryl Crow , Gwen Stefani , Maverick Records' head Guy Oseary , and George Clinton , who arrived with Macy Gray in a horse-drawn carriage. More than a dozen strippers were in attendance to keep the party in the same theme as from the music video for “Music”.
42 Also, users who downloaded the album using Apple's QuickTime application had exclusive access to two remixes of “Music”. On August 22, 2000, a month before the album's official release, all tracks from Music were leaked online through Napster 35 The album was finally released September 18, 2000 in the United Kingdom, by Maverick Records 36 It was released worldwide on September 19, 2000, under Maverick, and distributed by Warner Bros. 17 Talking about the inspiration behind Music, Madonna said the album was “To join the coldness or the remoteness of living in the machine age in the world of high technology with warmth and compassion and a sense of humor… Music is supposed to be a reflection of what's going on in society, and as far as I'm concerned, we've become too complacent.” 18 In an interview with The Face , Madonna was questioned about her mood while developing the album.
Music is the future of sound.” 16 Madonna had later proclaimed Ahmadzaï to be a musical “genius”. She also commented about working with Ahmadzaï and the other producers of the album: “I love to work with the weirdos that no one knows about-the people who have raw talent and who are making music unlike anyone else out there. The album will be released worldwide on September 19, and I hope you like my music.” 10.
Ahmadzaï always preferred taking musical risks and hence he wanted the collaborations with Madonna to get out the best from the singer. Buoyed by the commercial success of her previous album, she was keen on getting back to the studio to record new music. The album was promoted with her concerts at Brixton Academy and Roseland Ballroom , as well as several television performances such as the 2000 MTV Europe Music Awards and the 43rd Grammy Awards It was also supported by the Drowned World Tour , which grossed over US$75 million, making it the highest-grossing tour by a solo act of 2001 (the fourth overall).
In the United States, Music debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with first week sales of 420,000 units, making it her first album to top the chart in more than a decade since Like a Prayer (1989). Music has an overall dance-pop and electronica vibe, with influences from rock , country and folk The album was mostly recorded at Sarm West and East Studios in London, England. Music is the eighth studio album by American singer Madonna , released on September 18, 2000 by Maverick and Warner Bros.
JSTOR is a digital library for scholars, researchers, and students. Even today, tension remains between the power technology has in homogenizing musical culture and in providing niche musicians the ability to hear and meet each other. He modifies the machine further and begins playing music in underground concerts that awaken strong emotions, even sexuality, in listeners.
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