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Video Transcript

gym Yeah hi everyone thank you for watching so in today's video I'm going to be going through my top five beauty tricks / tips and i'm sure you already realized because of the title of this video i just wanted to go through some of my favorite tricks that I do on a daily basis i have mentioned some of these in my earlier videos and some of these tricks I've been doing since I was a junior in high school so if you guys want to learn what they are please keep watching so my first tip that i'm going to be talking about with you guys is about lashes eyelash mascara and I'm sure you guys have heard that L'Oreal telescopic has been my favorite i think i've been using this since i'm going to say sophomore year of high school which i'm 23 now so you could do the math but i love this mascara because of the comb tip that it has so this is always just been my favorite it always gets it the longest but one of my tricks that I always do and that will really help make your eyelashes look longer thicker and everything like that is to apply your mascara with a fan nearby and some of you may be like well that's weird / random and it's gonna make my eyes water will know because if you have a fan on low right near your face while you're doing your mascara what its gonna do is it's going to dry the coats as you're applying them so i don't know if some of you have used this mascara and realize that stays really really wet and as you apply it's not really making them longer it's just kind of making them thicker and some people don't like the really thick lashes so the reason that this works is because as you are applying your first coat of mascara once you move on to the other eye the fan is going to help dry that first coat so basically what you're gonna be doing is you're going to be applying a couple coats of mascara and each time since it is going to be drying it's going to help make them get a lot longer so I dare you guys to try this little tip out because once you do you're gonna be like holy crap how did I not know about this and it's something so simple and so easy and I'm sure all of you guys have a fan or something of the sort in your house that you can use also i actually mentioned that in another video and I said something about you can do it in your car so what I used to go to class or when I was on my way to school and I was running super late I would do my mascara in the car and what i would do is i would put the air up in the car and obviously i'll be parked but i'll be applying mascara so obviously when you're driving i don't recommend driving around doing our mascara because that is definitely not saved but if you were parked and you're in a rush the fence in your car will do the exact same thing so let me know how you guys liked this tip it's something that I've always done and when i get ready i actually have a fan behind me so every single day it's what i'm doing and i love the results so for those of you who want your eyelashes to grow try this check out it should really help you second tip / trick is for my brows and I haven't done an updated brow routine in a while so definitely let me know if you guys want to see that in my get ready with me videos and some of my makeup videos you guys can kind of follow along to see what I do but if you guys want like a more in-depth step-by-step video definitely comment below and I will have that up for you guys but what I recently had just found that I'm absolutely loving is the dipbrow pomade by anastasia beverly hills and its kind of looks like a gel liner and what i found is that it's so much easier to shape your brows and for those of you who have dinner browse or maybe uneven browse and you want them to be perfect and you don't want to look fake and you want to look super natural my trick for you is to use the pomade and use a thin brow brush and you're going to outline where you want your brows to go so so you have dinner browsing you want them to be a bit thicker you use the brush with the pomade and then draw it on and it will create the illusion of an eyebrow now to fill in your brows i don't recommend using this i recommend either the brow bar to go which. do beauty products have gluten I've used for two years over two years now the dark brown color for i also have the Anastasia Beverly Hills powder so whichever powder you prefer i recommend using the powder to fill in your brows because it's going to give it that really really natural look and the final tip for your brows is to apply a brow gel so if you guys don't use a brow gel one thing you'll realize is that maybe your eyebrows will start to fade away during the day or a lot kinda like chalky but if you use the gel it's just gonna hold your brows in place and it's gonna give it that nice shiny look so that if you're drawing your browser it looks more like hair so I'm sure this typically a lot easier if I were actually showing you what i was talking about but for those of you who do your browser on a day-to-day basis i'm sure you guys kind of comprehend what I'm getting at but again let me know if you guys want an updated brow tutorial so i can show you exactly what I'm talking about but I was always just using the powder and one thing I noticed was that people were like well your brows don't match your hair eyebrows are too thick they don't really look natural and ever since i've been using the pomade and just outlining my brows with them I've noticed a lot of people were complimenting my eyebrows a little bit more so definitely try this trick out the pomade is amazing and I can't believe I live this long without it but i will be linking all the products and everything I mentioned on my blog for anyone interested tip number three is super important and it's something that I've done forever and it's really funny because if you go back to some of my first videos i mentioned that if you lick your makeup brush it will help bring out the pigments of your eye shadow so obviously I've learned a lot more since my first couple of videos so do i recommend you looking your brushes still probably not unless you're the only one doing her makeup and you don't get grossed out by that kind of stuff but what I like to do in place of your saliva is I use mac fix+ you guys probably saw me mention this and a lot of my videos a cheaper alternative is also eye drops and i'll just quickly show you what i mean because when you dip your brush into something wet first it really really picks up the pigment and it makes it look ten times brighter so for some of you guys may be trying out some cheaper makeup product that aren't so pigmented try wedding your brush first dipping in the shadow and then applying it and you'll be amazed at how pigmented and how beautiful the color will come out so that is my tip number three so I've seen so many comments and so many people asking what they could possibly do for dry skin and one of the biggest concerns is that when you apply your makeup it's all flaky looking it doesn't apply smooth and evenly and I wanted to just talk about a couple of different products that I've used that I've loved for dry skin and I think the biggest thing that some people don't realize is that you really really need to exfoliate so if you're not exfoliating and you're just using a face wash that's just kind of like a soft liquid it's not going to help you so the two face washes that i use that are exfoliating errs are the biore pore unclogging scrub and the OL I detoxifying pore scrub and both of these have the beads in it so it's going to help get rid of any dead skin it's also going to help with your blackheads and to unclog all your pores so that is definitely a step that you guys need to do if you're not doing also one thing i really recommend is getting a brush to wash your face and this one is the only one you can get this right at any drugstore and it's a lot cheaper then what's the other one that's out there don't you remember I don't know the name what is the name of it don't know no I don't know yeah i remember the name of the other brushes out there but it's a little bit more pricey but this one works just as good and it moves in a circular motion so with the bristles is going to help get really really deep into your skin so use this along with your exfoliator and your skin should feel really really smooth afterwards another product that i recommend is the biore ultra deep cleansing course trips and they say they're just for your nose they do sell these with the face strips and the nose strips but i'll actually use the nose strips on my face if I need to but what I notice is right under my chin along here I got a lot of blackheads and it feels a little bumpy and sometimes when i apply my foundation is going to look a little bit bumpier and I don't like that i also get them a lot of my nose and that's because i contour that crap out of my nose so there's always a lot of products and makeup and everything so I like to use these maybe twice a month my skin is pretty good so if you guys need it more often i'm not sure how often they recommend to use it but all you do is you wet your nose or wherever you're going to apply it you stick it on you leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes it gets really really hard and then you rip it off almost like a band-aid so what's really cool about this is when you rip it off we can see all the blackheads and everything that it pulled out right on the strip so this is also something i really recommend for those of you that have that bumpy scanner you're looking to get a really smooth nice complexion so of course exfoliating and everything like that is super important but also it's really important to have a good face lotion that you use in the morning before you're applying your makeup and I like to apply the lotion before I apply any makeup even before I use my primer so the two that I go back and forth with right
now are the clinique and it's a dramatically different moisturizing lotion that's what it says on it but it's really really nice and it's light on your skin and I also the past three or four months I've been using the meaningful beauty and this is the antioxidant day cream and if you guys saw what video was in my hair care favorites video you probably saw me mention the when and I had told you guys how I was watching an infomercial one night when I was like really really sick i was up with like the stomach flu or something and i was watching infomercials and I totally caved and i instantly bought what i was watching the two things that I saw were the when and then the meaningful beauty with cindy crawford and I'm sorry after watching it with her and her skin is just so beautiful you can really tell that she hasn't gotten much if any work done because her skin and her face looks just like it did when she was 20 so of course I'm going to trust someone who looks like that at age 45 so i tried it out and I'm honestly loving it I've been using it every single morning either this one or the clinic or sometimes I even do like one pump of each and i always tend to have really dry skin in the winter so i found that these two have worked really well for me one thing that's annoying about my skin is that in the summertime it tends to get really oily so i have to go back and forth with products so in the winter time i'm using my dry skin routine and then in the summer time i use a few different products but we'll go over that when it starts getting warmer because I think today it's like 90 degrees which is not cool so that is tip number four I know there's a couple different products involved in tip number four and if any of you guys do have really dry skin and you found something that works really great for you comment below and let me know because i'm always up for new options i would love to help spread the word of a good product that you personally tried and of course one thing to remember is that we all have different skin so some products that may work better for me may not work as great for you but these different products that I've used and the steps that I've used really helps make my skin smooth and just flake free and really really moisturize in the cold winter air so moving on to my fifth and final favorite beauty tip I wanted to talk about makeup setting sprays and this is something that I don't always show in my videos because it's something I like to do right before i leave the house and I think it's super important for those of you that are wearing a full face of makeup to use a setting spray because people don't realize and then a few hours later they're like why is my makeup melting off my face or why do I look so greasy your why is my bronze are coming off and it's something just as simple as a makeup setting spray so i always call it hairspray for your face and the one that I've used and this is my third or fourth bottle is the model in a bottle and i have mentioned it in a few videos i just recently picked up this new one it's by kryolan kryolan I don't even know how to if i'm saying that right but it's ultra settings why this one I like to use when I have like a full cake face and make up once you spray it on your face literally nothing moves so it's a really really great product and model in the bottle this one is for sensitive skin and i use this all the time as well and it's an amazing product um i have tried the Urban Decay all nighter spray and I notice that it really didn't um hold as much as i would have liked it to these literally feel like a little miss you just do one two three maybe like four sprays and then what I do is I put my face up to the fan and I'm like like that until it dries off and you apply this after everything is done and I promise you like these are necessary especially if you're someone who's wearing a lot of makeup so that's one tip that I don't show it all my videos which I apologize for something I tend to forget and I think most people do forget but once I started using the setting sprays i noticed how much longer my makeup would last look for any girls who were going out dancing and you know you're gonna be sweating try these out because you will be thanking me when your makeup still looks perfect at the end of the night whenever I go to imax or beautycon i always get super super hot and I think it's because I get nervous and then like she's talking so many people hugging everyone like I always my nerves get up and I always start like sweating so one thing i'm thankful for these sprays because even though I sweat if I go to the mirror and just kind of touch up with smooth powder my makeup looks it looks perfect it doesn't melt offer doesn't sweat off so that is it for my top five favorite beauty tricks hopefully you guys learned something new and if you try any of these out and love them definitely let me know because i love hearing your feedback and everything like that so i love you guys so much make sure to comment below and let me know some of your favorite beauty tricks because it's really fun to hear everybody's different tips and tricks because hey you never know something you might try may work better for you than something you've been doing I hope you have an amazing day until next time yeah los angeles is time soon yeah

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