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Weight Losing Exercise Chart?

Weight Losing Exercise Chart and How to Create a Workout Plan

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Video Transcript

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You all care are you listening hi guys welcome back to my channel today's video is all about how to create the perfect workout program to be just as unique as you fast up pick your goal there is no point in choosing a workout program if you haven't yet picture girl it's like the existing market with no idea what you're buying i'm coming home with all the wrong things so decide what it is that you won because if you want to become a runner will be able to pull up what if you want to lose weight you need two very different exercises next up choose your location are you going to be living up in your living room jumping up and down on the bed and on the sofa or you're going to grab those trainers and hit the streets for a road run I'm going to check out the local park and kick all the kids off the play equipment because you want to be practicing your pull-ups or are you going to take the plant and head down to your local gym and try out the cardio area classes or wait own get available just like an important date in your diary the gym or your workout now needs to be scheduled in so get out your fine your calendar or your diary or whatever you're using and plan it in how many days can use the exercise it now you don't have to be there that long think 20 minutes for lunch time break or just 45 minutes to an hour in the evening but if you don't have time we're not going to make it work it work it out so you decided how many days a week you're going and you decided what you want to do now how much time do you really have I generally get my clients to just do 10 to 15 minutes of cardio one because it's very boring for me standing there while they just do some cardio and two because most people have to do cardio and i want to show them how to do the weights so generally say 10 minutes is perfect and you can literally kick your butt in 10 minutes and to hit or interval training by this I mean let's go for a jog for 30 seconds and a sprint for 30 seconds or 15 seconds print 45 second job or one of my favorites two minutes around 30 seconds complete standstill two minutes run so all of these will actually get your heart rate going crazy you'll feel like a snow globe inside and I promise you will be far more sweaty and Bob our friend then the lady next to you has been writing for maybe two hours at the same speed she could practically do have an outlandish finally reps and sets one of the things you guys always ask me for it can be confusing but my number one rule is to listen to your body if you can feel that lactic acid burning sensation in your muscles and you really feel you couldn't possibly do one more score one more bicep help then you've reached your point and that's fantastic but if you feel you could have done more you don't feel any kind of bad if you're doing leg day but you feel your biceps what we're doing is completely wrong and you need to readjust everyone's body is different so you listen to it will tell you what you're doing and just aim to really feel like you've worked hard you shouldn't be able to be reading a book or texting your friends while doing squats now there is some science behind it and they're awesome things to stick to if you kind of want to have a bit more of a guideline so strength training if you want to get stronger then it's recommended you between four to seven reps this means you're really really going to hit it hard there isn't very many but that's because it's incredibly heavy and you're going to have to give yourself between three to five minutes rest because your muscles need to recuperate you couldn't possibly go against right after because it was that hard the rest is very important but during this time if you find standing there feeling a little bit awkward then i recommend doing a bunch of wrestler maybe add in an ab workout or maybe do some skipping or do a completely different textures and different muscle group the perfect example of this would be five reps and five sets you're making sure that you're working we have this does take longer so please remember on these days you may need a little bit longer at the gym or you need to reduce the amount of exercise that you are planning on doing next we have hypertrophy which is all about showing some definition in this example you want to do between eight and 11 reps and between three to four sets so a great example of this would be three sets of 10 bicep curls squirts anything you like it again the rest here but it needs to be between one to two minutes so I generally get my clients and skip or I get them to do squat jumps next we're going to move on to insurance which is something k in science test for you guys i know a lot on your workout plans this is perfect for a lot of you are home and don't have access to a gym because you don't really need too much of a wait here you can do a lot more body way you can basically do a lot more but a lot less weight so for examples 30 lunch jumped 40 hill climbers it's a lot of wraps but not very high waiting for example you don't need much of arrests about 30 seconds perfect but remember to listen to your body on all of these because it's only down to you know how hard you're working right so that's all my tips now it comes down to creating your actual workout program i recommend using your phone and the notes section choosing the days that you have and then choosing the parts of your body that you want to pick next you want to pick maybe five exercises you're going to know how to do and if you don't have to do any obviously check my channel or check YouTube Pinterest or even just ask someone that you know who doesn't know how to do them and you want to give that go for six weeks then you want to change it because your body gets just as bored just like your heads with your shampoo i'll be putting a little example in the description bar that you guys can all check that out and if you have any questions and obviously don't hesitate to ask I hope you guys found this helpful and if you have any questions and obviously please leave your message below and i will respond as soon as i can see you on next week bye until we did it under the sling