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Where Can I Buy Kindle Fire?

How To Get Kindle Fire Mac Address?

Video Transcript

Talking Kindle Fire in the recording studio and video editing with Steve Rosa guys what's going on it's Steve little tech edition for you on the channel so i started reading a lot again and always read books but you're not taking the train every day not going to be taking books with me it just you know ways things down and so much easier these days even though I thought I never would do it to purchase books and music digitally I like having the media itself but I've been looking around at Kindles right i have iPads i'm strictly Mac I don't want to spend the money on expensive ipad so what do you do i purchased a kindle fire a fire seven it's forty nine dollars and I let's check it out so here it is i ordered it from amazon k simple box kindle fire i'm just going to use it for reading although i've seen video on it looks really good check out the information in the video description below for the specs on this thing one thing to know if you're looking at Kindles this one the fire you can purchase for really inexpensive a sim card for extra memory so these come with either eight gigs or 16 gigs memory i spend the next twenty dollars to get 16 gigs memory in this thing that could have purchased the external sim card which is great but you cannot download books onto it you can only download music and movies and photos this has a camera i'm not sure if it's vga again check for the description the details i'll have all those copied from amazon's description in the video description below but i'm not taking videos with this I'm a photographer have a camera i have an iphone this is strictly for reading books and for forty-nine dollars plus twenty dollars for 20 16 gigs download as many books as I want can't go wrong I decided to get the fire because i wanted something inexpensive and i started reading books on my iphone i have the iphone plus and although it works great i wanted a larger screen so here's what it comes with really simple there's the orange box which signifies what color it is I was going to get the black but I have everything in black I want it orange one of my favorite colors plus let's take get stolen or something like that god forbid it's going to stand out in the crowd you've got your USB charger USB cable to plug that into the AC in charge it up quick start manual just kinda really all it is it tells you what things are really nothing on this side just shows you where the power button is not charged really simple self explanatory power on the top USB headphone jack volume up and down nothing on the bottom nothing on the side and over here you got if you can see it right here for some compartment where you can add the extra memory which is awesome i don't think i'll be doing that anytime soon so it's powering on this is what you're going to see I have to tell you guys the screen resolution is really really nice it's really nice tangerine orange mean look at the size is perfect if you're reading a book the resident mean look at the size of my thumb in the size of the text i mean i can't really get much closer it's going to blur but the text is not blurry at all it's not matrix C at all ready to go and I gotta tell ya I'm not upset at all by the resolution it looks great it's also really fast I mean sorry look at it's very responsive you've got shop amazon i did recently start the Amazon membership hundred dollars a year you get amazon streaming so i'll still be able to stream thousands of video and no TV shows movies whatnot we don't have cable so we're only using apple TV and hulu no more cable TV it's garbage and without cable for two years you've got the App Store Amazon video free time that's for kids to kidnap you can set this kindle to open up the free time during the hours that you specify so the kids can only see kid-friendly things based on age that you set it's great kindle books i'll click that log on and all my books we downloaded also you get they say unlimited storage space on amazon all your books and photos and things are backed up similar to apple i just want to let you guys know that i highly recommend this i just opened it right now took a day to get to me being an Amazon Prime member old hippies feel the burn what I don't want to see that but it's very responsive very nice highly recommended for forty nine dollars you can't go wrong it feels very well made it feels like easily a three-hundred-dollar mini ipad i mean it really does the back is plastic wake up you know but it's easy to keep clean you got a single speaker i just love the same so glad i bought it i thought about it for a few weeks and I finally decided to buy it forty-nine dollars again you guys highly recommended take it easy any questions or comments let me know now is going to purchase a more expensive one like the HD eight or something like that HDX ate whatever is out now but still a lot I don't need it for just reading this is gonna be awesome with the pages look like like the reading yet it's fine take it easy at steves tech tip thanks for watching please click the subscribe button for more videos. 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