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Video Transcript

Hey internet or should I say hello Magpies because if you clicked on this video it probably means that you really like chinese like I do the jewelry is a huge passion of mine it's definitely genetic because i am the third of a line of jewel loving women my grandma mom and myself all hot I kind of continuous collections of jewelry that we've always worked on and my first job ever heard was making jewelry for a market near where I lived in Victoria so that tells you a little bit of background about you know how this video is coming to be and it's also a highly requested one on many of my fashion videos because I pretty much we're quite a lot of jewelry every day if you want to know a little bit about my taste I do like some costume jewelry and statement jewelry but for the most part I like more delicate precious jewellery which I see is kind of an investment i thought i would show you guys my new jewelry organization because i recently purchased a new jewelry box from Pottery Barn such a good deal for what it is a really nice leather jewelry box that would totally be a really nice gift for someone if you know someone who really likes jewelry or of course for yourself if you have a large jewelry collection that you find kind of hard to organize like I'm very particular about which pieces I do decide to include in my jewelry collection so let's go right over and take a look but before that I thought you guys might want to know what jewelry I'm actually wearing i get a lot of questions on this will bring in particular that i have here on my middle finger and it is from david yurman it's a very a light green stone but it actually comes across as clear on some Instagram photos which I think has led you guys to believe that it's an engagement ring but it's not because you can see it's only middle finger so unless I'm engaged to myself I'm it's just a statement ring it is silver and it's got a little bit of diamonds around it and everything like it i got it for myself for my birthday basically last year and i have the matching bracelet that has little diamonds around it and my watch is an heirloom so it's not made anymore my mom bought it for herself when i was born and then handed it down to me when I graduated and it's concorde for Tiffany's and I have a vintage necklace this is from Portobello Road in London and I have some Barbara Bigsby on capitally earrings which have a little bit of turquoise right here in the center um I got these on ebay recently there's quite a lot of Barbara base be on ebay and she has some really beautiful designs of the detail on on them is really really nice let's go take a little look at the treasure trove behind me so over here is where all of my jewelry lives this little cat ring holder is something I've had since I was really really little it was a gift from someone in my family I only sleep not too sure who but it is silver but highly highly targeted and won't really clean up but i still love it because i'm such a cat lady I'm so this is where I keep all of my statement rings and rings that I don't wear that often so we have a little lock tiffany ring here little Ruby heart really pretty statement ring here what else we have this one which is very rhinestone e this is from eBay my mom and I like to bet on jewelry on ebay sometimes and then this was my grandma so it's garnet and pearl and its really pretty and dainty i really like this ring but I don't wear it that often because i don't want to damage on the setting which is very very delicate having a little dishes like this to put down your jewelry before you shower or you know at the end of the day before getting into your pajamas after work is such a life saver so at the end of the day you know this is where all kind of plunked down my everyday rings like this this leather case is actually part of the pottery barn one that I got it supposed to fit on the inside but i keep it on the outside as a kind of tre and I will leave this open and kind walk down my necklaces and watch at the end of the day in that way when i get dressed in the morning is also really easy to find what i'm currently using this used to be my moms but she found that it was getting too small so she gave it to me and I had it sized to fit my finger I'm this holding hands ring was my mom when she was really young I bought this for myself when i started my latest job it's not an expensive ring it's from a local jeweler and it's just a little tiny garden I really like delicate rings like that right now as well and then these are my grandparents on wedding rings from either side of my family so one of them is rose gold and the other one is regular gold and miraculously they're both the same size and fit my middle finger so often layer those up and they're so special because they have the inscription on the inside with the wedding date so that's 1 i'm kind of very very special heirloom that i like to wear on a daily basis as well bracelet is so beautiful it's vintage it's got in there more all over it and tigers eye and i really like it totally makes an outfit and then here i have my grandfather's watch chain which i sometimes wear it as a bracelet and this little Bowl with the heart cutout is from the leak and it was a gift from my god father many years ago and it really works well as a little jewelry dish for bigger pieces that don't fit in the leather case or in my little kitty cat ring holder either take a look at my new beautiful pottery barn jewelry case this is the medium size of the case so you can actually get this separately or there's an even bigger size but because as you can see already have a jewelry armoire I felt like I felt like the medium sized was really good just to store all of my precious gold and silver and pearl jewelry so that's what's in here i'm going to go through and show you everything that's so you know I hope you guys have a cup of coffee or something isn't going to take a walk I really like that this has this beautiful little key by the way I feel like it's so well made for the price and the leather in real life is a true tiffany blue in middle section here where this box would normally fit on if you wanted it to be there not separate I have all Tiffany necklaces so i have this pull chain from Tiffany's I have a silver chain here it's a little bit more of a statement this is actually from the ELSA pretty line at Tiffany's it's a big star fish I'm not sure whether they actually have this anymore i think that just continued most of the start/finish line one of my most War Office pieces is this ball and chain necklace from tiffany's which is really a nice kind of modern interpretation of the classic pearls and I have the whole set from this so I've got that your earrings and bracelet as well and over here in the right hand section you can't see very well in here but I just have different sizes of chains and yellow gold silver i really like this little bar necklace from tiffany's also it's a really great first tool chain and i also have a rose gold one and I have some more old ones over here i have a little charm from cartoons you can see it's got diamonds and it's their classic cece a lot of people think this is actually Chanel but it's not because Cartier's logo is also CC but the font on it is a little bit different then from I think this is from fe and i really like the multi-tone pearls on this because it has a pink or red and a white one with a little bit of rhinestones as well on youtube Tiffany keys were all the rage so for my birthday I asked for this it's got a little on diamond rhinestone right here and it's just one of their smaller sterling silver pieces and it looks really nice on the silver chain just showed you from Tiffany's as well but this is really going back a few years now – when I was in law school I have this little lobster I used to wear this every day for so so long and I still really think it's just so darling i love the whole lobster phase then I have a little candy charm i think this was my mom's when she was young it's really cute and dainty and very easily wearable and then know this is kind of a more statement piece I think I got this around the time that I passed my bar exam you can see it's inlaid with little diamonds and it's actually rose gold that's what the rose gold chain came within its asset i'll show you the earrings in a moment and then the last little charm i have is a black pearl from when i visited to heating a couple of years ago and I do have some matching earrings but the earrings were actually purchased on ebay and through some miracle of really being careful about the color of the black pearl they actually match really well so it's kind of odd because this pearl pendant was pretty pricey but the earrings were not and yet they go together really well here i have the first half of my stud earrings so i just told you how much I like that was a pretty starfish line from Tiffany's so I got these little yellow gold and diamond ones which I really like and I think they look really really cute with the lobster because then you have a whole like little nautical theme going on and it's still really subtle subtle enough to wear to the office or something like that but very sort of girly and quirky which I like so these little I'm silver star fish ones were actually quite affordable from Tiffany's and they go with the big starfish necklace and actually wear them a lot separately as well all sapphires or something i bought for myself at the end of my hong kong internship so then they have little diamonds going around and this really pretty blue sapphire as well your mother's garnet and pearl studs the little on ball studs from Tiffany's and I think this is the larger size although I'm not a hundred percent sure and they are really great they do get uncomfortable after wearing them for kind of hours and hours so that would be the only to sort of downside of this set is that these are there not hollow so they're quite heavy but i still really like them and wear them quite a lot of the first pair i'll show you are these little silver ones which are really pretty this is just from the local boutique I think a few years ago and I'd like the overall drop shape of the hoops because I find that really quite easy to wear as opposed to bigger groups which are kind of a bit more of a fashion statement of calla lilies which are like a smaller version of the ones I showed you that I'm wearing today so these are really pretty I think they're from the bay and they have gold and silver and then this really pretty tear drop pearl as well then finally I have the pearl earrings that i mentioned to you guys these are the wine is the black pearls that go with the black pearl pendant and they have that green hue to them they're like green huge black pearls i really like these i think they were such a good deal the only reason that I think they were cheaper because they have a little flaw on the back but you can't see that when you're wearing them so it really doesn't matter and I'm just so happy that I have this whole set and I wear this old lot over here this is the rest of the diamond set with the rose gold that i showed you guys earlier so you can see there are these really tiny hoops that just kind of had your ears i think this setting is actually called a huggy setting for pierced ears and it's inlaid with little diamonds and that whole set is from a fee which actually make really well priced jewelry much cheaper than Tiffany's and they have a lot of sales so don't pay full price for it if you want i will link it down below and then you can see there for website and kind of wait for them to have some sales because that's what we did and then these are yellow gold hoops inlaid with diamonds as well these are so wearable because they're a very small loop in the front yard these are vintage Tiffany knots I'm definitely a kind of more vintage look to them I'm even the gold itself like the tone of it is more yellow I'm like yellow gold used to be made and these pretty much are super easy to wear for the office a really great with a very conservative suit that kind of complete that look and then these are from the bahamas it if you want to see more of a sort of images of me wearing this tiffany jewelry on make sure to link down below the full Tiffany's look book that i did a few years ago my Tiffany's collection hasn't changed that much since that video and you can really see me wearing all of that jewelry it's quite a fun video that took me a long time to make so if you guys want to go check it out i will link it down below I am young here and still living at home in that video because it's before it started my articling the bottom layer of the box it is a little bit annoying that it's not kind of split up into any kind of organizers but the fact of that makes it easier to fit in large pieces like for example on this set of bracelets wouldn't fit on the top layer so I put it in the bottom and everything else around it is pretty much all pearls so over here this is my first gift that I got from my boyfriend Chris he went on a trip to Asia and brought these back for me they're really chunky sort of gumball sized pearls you can see like each problems the size of my nail practically and a good comparison as well because these weren't very expensive they're the kind of pearls that you can just kind of get it markets in Asia but they're really beautifully chosen really walk is the luster on them is really good and here for comparison because that's really the easiest way with pearls to kind of tell these pearls were my grandmother's and they are from mikimoto so you can see the luster and size on equality between each pearl is really amazing these are such a great piece for me to have inherited I'm so lucky to have them and you can see they are a lot smaller than the ones that Chris got me there are a lot more sort of dainty and formal wear these are more of a statement I'm kind of peace that look really great with a simple outfit so here I have some different types of crawls these are from my godfather there I think these are called sand dollar pearls they're very sort of almost both Union looking the way they kind of sit on your skin on their little bit more mapped as well and they have this kind of dollar shape that lies flat really nicely have these ones that have little gold balls in between them they're actually square and I remember when I was gifted these I had never seen square pearls before like they're really unusual looking for some fresh water pearls that I was given when I was born because I don't know in Italy or something like that gifting jewelry two babies and can you see a baby wearing this no but now that I'm older I really like them so they're kind of the twisty ones that you twist and then put on and the clasp on it is unfortunately gold plated so it's lost some of its gold the pearls and the luster on the freshwater pearls is really nice and I've been told by my life but I think he bought these for me that when she bought them fresh water pearls were pretty much dirt chief because no one wanted them since they're not saltwater round pearls and now these have gone up in value drastically and both my mom and I really like mixed metals this was hers when she was working so it's got white gold yellow gold and rose gold and it's from Cartier and it's kind of a fun look back to see this because right now cartoons doing a lot of modern designs like their love line with the little screws on it and this is more what cartoon was like in the eighties and nineties very very classic simple designs on which I actually prefer so i really like the Spangled it is a little bit big so I don't want it that often because i'm so scared of losing it but it makes it lovely sort of slightly changing noise as well when you wear these earrings which i added to my collection recently so these are from thailand they are pink South Sea pearls with white topaz Jones there we go i think i got it to focus it has these little tree branches kind of going down around the pearl and i really like the detail of that and then over here in the middle is some Tiffany's a bangles so i have a sterling silver one end of gold wine and I like these are just quite heavy to wear every day as well that's the only thing I would say about that and this is actually costume jewelry one of the only pieces of costume jewelry in this box and it's got swarovski crystals on it but it's not gold I think it was my grandmother's because you really like costume jewelry and i love the Art Deco look of this so I like to layer it with other bracelets and I think it really kind of will make a stock and here you have a dainty little chain this is a recent purchases from misery and they have a little turquoise in the middle it's very dainty and chain like the only thing is it is so difficult to put on by myself so I always have to get help from someone to put it on right here i actually have a whole jewelry armoire but i usually use it most for accessories so right now it's mostly sunglasses and travel documents and little wallets and things like that that live in here with only really one layer at the top of jewelry in this drawer and i am actually going to lay all that out for you to see at the end of this video it's mostly costume jewelry this necklace from there was really highly worn by me for the holiday season last year were to a lot of parties I really thought it was a great piece it's still beautiful this is actually vintage pieces from my cell and I like the detail on this one because you can see even the back of the necklace is beautiful and you can actually reverse it and wear it on this side and the front is a really pretty light yellow this is actually from ebay just a little fresh water pearls with some semi precious on little beads going on here i really like that I have a lot of this color in my wardrobe so it's a good one to have for me back here is the so often sort of scene in blog posts of people um house of harlow necklace that I just felt compelled to get because i really like the geometric look of it I feel like it's quite a price for what it is because this is just enamel and I feel like this is supposed to be gold-plated but I've only had it about a year and a half and you can see a lot of the gold is coming out in the chain is slightly bent so I feel like the quality on it is slightly disappointing especially for the price and then over here this is from ralph lauren these are large turquoises but i don't think they're actually really think their composite turquoise so it's made from pieces of turquoise that have been kind of glued together but the overall look of it is really nice and very opulent you so much for watching. jewelers
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